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For many years now, I have dreams of lotto numbers, I can dream 2 or three numbers most all the time for the calif super lotto and the mega millions. Two numbers out of three always come in the next day after I dream it. But that is only two numbers. I hope by people reading this story that maybe I can find someone like myself that can dream real numbers that come in fast. I hope to find a couple of persons. We all I feel are psychic. I think that its how much time we want to dwell our minds and hearts on that subject like lotto. I had come very close to winning big on the lotto but I feel that I may need your help. Will you help me? I'm asking in hopes there are a few good dreamers out there that real dream numbers that real come in. See my idea is if we all can put in two numbers each. We only need the three of us to work this. I will share my winnings with whomever helps out in this. I'm not spaming any web site or you. I'm honestly looking for people like myself. Please if you can help it would be a blessing for me and others like us. It can become a story even on this web site later. I like people and I do believe in psychic experiences. I believe in god. I had so many psychic experiences I just don't know where to start. But I feel that all humans are psychic. Some can develop their psychic talents it seems more than others. All I want to do is win millions and share to worth. That's all I want to do. And also afterwards to write a book about thy experiences in hope it may touch people lives in a positive way.

PS. I'm not in any kind of psychic business ok I'm just a person that writing this story that's all. If you feel you wish to respond. I don't know if this web site will give you my email address. You may have to ask them about this. I'm new to this web site and I don't have any postings of this kind anywhere on the web. I just found this web site and thought maybe just maybe others may be out there like myself. Please excuse any missed spelled words I don't proof read this. I was in a hurry to get this out to the readers. Again this is not a spam, I'm not selling anything. Again I'm my only hope is to find people like me that may be able to help me.

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emmy007 (23 posts)
4 years ago (2018-04-29)
Hello Kathryn, I am just like you. I dream of lottery numbers almost everyday but I do not always get more than two accurate numbers. I have seen my numbers come up in the powerball, megamillions, euromillions, uk lotto and the health lottery. I think we should combine our abilities together for better results. You can reach me at my email address - emmarexx3 [at]
kathrynseer (1 stories) (6 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-30)
hello anne. You are so right. Knowing the mind doesn't take much interest in lotto numbers. Events that occur in a dream the mind wants to remember. Now if you had an great interest in winning the lotto to become a millionair. Maybe to write a book to help others or give to the poor. What every it might be. Can give good reason for the lotto event to take place in a dream. You are right about the same night is very hard to achieve. But with lots of afford it can be achieve with all parties. All have to have same some interest of course. This is a very big world and billions of people live on it. I don't think it be too hard to find people that are willing to take the time to achieve this results. It may take time to find people that will work out all together. That I know is very true. But we have to have hope and faith in others not just faith in my own ablitys. I believe in people Anne and the life force is all in and around us. God bless you Anne for you taking the time to send me a comment like that. You do have a way to speak the truth. I don't know if your a bible reader. But if you believe in any of its trues such as moses having the sea divided. Without faith in his people and god and myself it wouldn't never have happen. God bless your Anne take care
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2012-03-30)

I wrote an article that may help you about winning the lottery:

The problem with joint efforts is that numbers in general are very hard because the subconscious really doesn't find them important compared to say, karmic life events. Even if someone gave you some numbers, the probability of both of you repeatedly dreaming them the same night is very hard to achieve. You're better of sticking to your own abilities and just get better. My two cents anyway!

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