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First off I would like to share about myself before I start my story. My name is Pablo, I am 15 and for as long as I can remember I have had dreams that became reality (now I know it is called precognition), Deja Vu, bouts of depression (starting after the 4th grade during the summer), frequent migraines and earaches, high blood pressure, seeing a weird pattern in the air kind of like static, and I have never told my family about these things (thought these details might be important). Yesterday (6/14) I accurately guessed what my friend was doing and she was pretty shocked that I was right, I jokingly said "Oh I must be psychic", but as soon as I said that I really started to think. (I'm not saying that I am psychic but my experiences do match up with abilities). Then I went to Google and stumbled upon this site, and I thought "Maybe somebody here can help me figure out if I do posses psychic abilities."

Well onto my experience that was later that night, I was on Oovoo (program that allows you to voice chat/web cam friends.) with my best friend and I was reading a post that mentioned a woman being attacked at night by a poltergeist. One of the comments stated that the reason she was being attacked was to frighten her and make her not want to pursue her abilities because she was finding out what she was. When my best friend left for a minute I started to hear a ringing in my ears from my headset, it didn't bother me much because it happens a lot. Then the ringing started to get louder and louder. Then it elevated to static, very loud static. The static stopped. I thought to myself "Well okay, that was weird." A few seconds later the ringing started again, and again it escalated to static, but this time what I heard the static almost scared me to death. I heard a voice (if you've ever heard like death metal when they scream with a demonic voice, that's what it was) I couldn't make out any words but it sounded very aggravated, then the static stopped again. After it happened I tried to rationalize that it was his T.V. That I had heard through the static. I was wrong because then the static started again and I heard his T.V. Through it and you could clearly hear the show through the static but what I heard wasn't clear. It sounded as though it was in the static, made of it or something. Just reliving is getting me all worked up again.

I'm not trying to sound crazy or anything, and even though I have a lot of Deja Vu, precognition, and hear stuff sometimes I don't think I'm psychic and I am not trying to pretend I am. What I do want to know is what the heck happened to me last night and if there is a chance I am psychic.

**[Side Note] (6/15) I thought this was really weird and I don't know if it means anything but, my nephew is 2 years old and that morning he climbed into bed with me and I was half asleep while he was knocked out. I moved slightly and he started to scream his head off. I'm not too good at stopping him from crying but I got a sudden urge to put my left hand on the back of his head and when I did he immediately stopped crying and fell back to sleep! (He hates it when people touch his head!)

Please help me understand what is going on, if you need to reach me my email is on my profile. Thank you in advance!

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