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All my life I've thought that I have psychic abilities, but when I try to tell my friends about my experiences they just laugh and call them coincidences.

When I was younger I would sit alone in my room and allow my mind to wander. Often times I would find myself randomly thinking about a person, then within a few minutes the person would text or call me. This happened too frequently for me to write it off as a simple coincidence. As I grew older my ability somewhat grew, in a sense.

One day while I was cleaning a table at work, I began to daydream and I found myself thinking about a conversation I had with a kid in my ag class a few months earlier. Then I stood up and looked out the window to see the same kid pulling into the parking lot in front of my workplace.

The same thing happened a few days later whenever I was driving down Main Street. I began to daydream and found myself thinking about a woman I used to go to church with. A few minutes after snapping out of it, I turned my head to see the same woman walking out of a store down the street.

A few months later after I had an experience that was slightly different than the others I had previously experienced. I had a dream in which a man was being chased through a swamp of some sort in the rain at night. The dream changed scenes and I was now witnessing a different man giving away a baby to a woman down by a boating dock. I got a feeling of urgency, like the baby was being given to this woman in secret because it was in danger. I can't remember what happened in the dream after that, but the next day I was over in a neighboring town walking through the mall with a friend and I saw something very strange.

I saw the first man from my dream, along with the woman from the boating dock. They looked a bit older, but I had this growing feeling that it was them. Then my friend and I got a bit closer to see that they had a child with them. The child was maybe 2 or 3 years old. It was then that I knew these were the same people from my dream.

Am I crazy or am I psychic?

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