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Why God Gave Me This?


I'm really wondering why I'm not like a normal person, yes I'm not crazy but what in this world can explained for what I see in the of nowhere seeing unknown abnormalities for what I hear and esp. For what I sense. Example of these are I've see some rays of light going through our tree that is in midnight I even recall it I even heard some tiny voices coming out. Seeing some undetermined figures in 2-4am.Being awake at the middle of the night chilling and I really don't know why I'm just asking for my husband for a blanket or jacket to ease the cold unexplained. Awakening in the middle of the night 3-4:30 am daily, you what to know why I have been awake? Nothing just having a look at my surrounding sitting observing. Talking to some dead people in my dreams being warned by coming accident like my grandpa I have seen him wearing his burial attire staring at me. Having a tragic accident that will happen like before the tsunami in Japan. I have just dreamed there was a mud a thick and over flowing mud everywhere seeing some of the people lying and have been buried by that mud, houses even wet by mud. Seeing what can happen in the future in means of dreaming. If a psychic have reading my article or someone wants to hear a true experience of mine please email me because I don't know what I'm going to do with it. Is this a talent or an imagination? I can't even consult my mother or my sister maybe they just laughing on my story or what. Having a premonition for what so ever I can't help it. PLEASE HELP!

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