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Your dog told me to tell you...

I do angel card readings during a session, much to my surprise and for the first time I had the thought or had an image come to mind of an orange almost pumpkin color dog, a large fluffy happy orange dog. I could tell he was at rest and wanted me to tell the women his owner that he loved them and was happy. She confirmed that she had a dog that was orange and large that she and her husband loved very much and had passed. It is always a great felling when you do a reading and give some good news about someone they loved and was a big part of their lives for so long. This is the first time I had a message or as I like to call it the" knowing" of information from an animal so the next time you bite into that burger or chicken you might want to think about it.

I now believe that there is no difference after death if you are an animal or human. You have a soul and when you come across in a reading I cannot see any difference in communication or understanding in what is said or known. I also just had my own cat of 17 years pass. I hope she will come through in a reading I look forward to understanding her more clearly. She was treated well and loved for many years.

So the next time you are mean to an animal remember they are waiting for you on the other side " if you make it across". And can communicate with you and everyone else. I will now try to be a better vegetarian after all I don't want to talk to anything I have killed or eaten. I look forward to many more readings from our pets.


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sam8065 (2 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-10)
Thank you Anne for your thoughtful comments,
I had always been afraid to share my gift. It comes from not understanding them myself or knowing just what was happening to me during a reading. This web site makes it possible to share and understand so many different gifts that people have and are willing to share.
I also have found that not eating meat has helped clear my mind along with meditation. I am moving forward to trust in my own ability's.
Thank you Sandy
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-07-10)
That's so interesting your thoughts about "no difference if you are a human or animal after you die". I have read several near death experience accounts where people would meet their beloved pet on the other side and have a normal converation! And indeed they are so happy.

I love my own dogs like my own children and it's nice messages like yours that give me peace of mind, knowing the odds are that they will pass before me. I know too that we'll meet in the afterlife and that is so wonderful. I have also astral projected and have seen animals that have passed on. They indeed have souls just like us.

I personally am a vegetarian but I do not judge those who are not. The other thing I've read from near death experiences is that the life review is based off of intent. Those that eat meat don't even think about it. They are not going to be greeted by hundreds of chickens or cows when they die, however, if they were cruel (negative intent) they will see that in their life review. Native Americans who were primarily very in tune with nature and spiritual still ate meat (buffalo, fish, etc.,) and didn't have a harsh life review from what accounts I've read about. But if one is interested in raising their vibrations then abstaining from meat does help, as it's a denser energy.

Everyone is unfolding at their own pace, and eventually they get to that place where eating animals doesn't resonate with them. If even in a past lifetime or earlier in this one, we've done that too. We'd have to as eating meat was generally all that held people over in lean months (Christ ate goat, lamb and fish). I grow a huge organic garden but don't even see produce until early summer into fall. I get to enjoy canning, preservating and shipping from other countries and such to provide year round meat free food, but this is a recent benefit for our culture. It was not too long ago (more like a blink of an eye) that people ate whatever they could get their hands on simply to survive.

Thanks for sharing your special gifts.


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