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What Is My Psychic Abilty?


This is my story:

I see images or little clips of the future or sometimes the past if it goes around the present or future. Has it ever felt like you seen something then seen it again, like déjà vu. That's what it feels like all the time. My friend thinks it is just my imagination running wild. My other friend thinks I have been gifted by the Greek gods, but I think Jesus gave me a gift to help other people with. I want to know how to control it.

Here is a little story that happened,

I was in school and the teacher was talking about stuff and I saw me sitting in practice marching band field and my crush came over and we talked and I said I am going to put my clarinet away I'll be right back. So I go up the stairs to the band room and I came back down and my friends ex-crush was standing there and he grabs me and kisses me. I slap him and run home and then I come back to the classroom.

Then I a few days later while coming down the stairs he was standing waiting to come up and our eyes made contact like he knew what I saw.

I have been like this for almost a year I think I'm 13 now. Does anybody know what I am experiencing and what ability it is? Or how to control and enhance it because images can go out of focus when I see it in my mind, also to remember it when I see it my sleep and daydreams. I would like to know. Does anybody else have this too? I really need help I get major headaches when I see really long visions.

Please comment and tell me something.



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Farrel (3 posts)
8 years ago (2012-09-05)
why you want to enhance it?, you feel headache right? It might be get worse if step more forward to this precognition or dejavu
678gril (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2012-09-04)
thank you very much Madara I will try both and see which is best!
Madara (guest)
8 years ago (2012-09-04)
When you see the future in dreams it's called precognition. And when you see it while awake it's premotions. Yes it happens to me all the time. Last time I had a promotion was yesterday. My dad was driving his car in the woods. My mom was next to him and I was on the back seat with grandma'. My window was cosed but every time a branch passed in front of it I felt like it'd hit me. I knew the window was closed and all but I kept having tha feeling. Then a branch hit my mom in the face 😆. You can try to make your ability stronger by meditation or binaural beets that you can download from the internet for free.

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