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Clairvoyance Images, Dreams Is This My Abilty?


My first "psychic/clairvoyant" ability happened to me when I first came in contact with an elderly friend of mine a few years ago named Gabby- Gabby had a natural clairvoyance ability and I was always attracted to her for her helping/caring nature (like a 2nd mum). Gabby performed a few readings out the back of her store and she used a pendal (or divination... Gabby had a gold ring on a chain and she would ask it yes or no questions and it would swing different ways). This one day Gabby said to me that I should give it a try, to see how I go... So I did. I took the pendal and asked it which way for a yes and a no. I performed a "reading" on Gabby's friend Kylie (which I know nothing about her) and without a lie, I could describe Kylie's grandma from the way she looks, to the way she styled her hair, what she wears, exactly where she sits in her home and the view from her home. I also picked up medical problems that her grandpa had, spot on details. I was quite amazed myself that I could see and know these things as I have never experienced anything like that before. As time went on I still get images of people I have never met before... For instance I'm close with my sister whom at the time we lived in different states, and anyway she's had about 4 different flatmates and every time I have picked/told her exactly who she'll end up with. Everything from their name, to hair color, the way it's styled, what work they do, age roughly, it's amazing what comes about. But each time I do it, I say to people to take it as fun- don't take me for granted because I'm not a professional. But hey my family and friends know that what I do is real and I'm hoping to let it develop and come more naturally in this specific area.

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ophelia861 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-12-20)
Hi Krys! Would really like to talk to you, may I have an email address?
violetstory (3 stories) (68 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-02)
This was a nice story to hear and I 100% believe you, maybe you can read this book, it may help you a lot

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