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Lifelong Experiences Coming Full Circle


Sorry this is so long I really do not know where to begin me am twenty four I have a pretty normal life a job a degree in psychology and I guess I am kind of boring. What I have been experiencing my whole life is not that boring but I never thought it was anything significant and honestly in a way I was pushing away whatever it is.

Everything started when I was about nine I would often have dreams that would come true mundane everyday things and on occasion I would see my grandparents dog that had passed away like it was still alive sitting near my grandmother etc but never really thought twice about it until I was older. When I was in middle school things picked up a bit my dreams were seriously happening on a daily basis I told my mom and that is when she took me to a counselor who deemed me mentally healthy. At that point I would also see spirits in my dreams that would come to me I thought these were just nightmares but many times I would find out that the dreams I were having did take place in the past, for example I had a dream about a husband and wife trapped in my grandparent's home and there was this weird feeling in the air and they wanted out but they were stuck. Well I found out after I told my grandmother of the dream that there home was a sit of a murder suicide the husband shut everything tight and then left the oven door open and apparently went to bed where his wife was already asleep and they both died.

Then when I was sixteen I got a job at this department store we sold shoes clothes everything under the sun but the thing was I always knew what style what shoe or clothing or whatever somebody wanted before they spoke. Everyone thought it was a neat trick and in a way I did too I did not have the time to read into it with school friends etc. Well now I am twenty four almost twenty five and since high school I have been pushing things back and I feel like I was doing a good job at it I was not having any crazy dreams not knowing what is going to happen before it happens I really thought I was in the clear, until my aunt passed away.

Often times before I go to sleep I hear my deceased aunt's voice she is telling me things I need to tell my uncle and cousins but I get so aggravated because I am so tired at night I do not want to hear her voice I tell her to go away in my mind and she does. (which I do feel bad about) What was only her voice now has become many voices for example two women telling me about a wedding that would be happening that will not work out why? This may sound weird but I feel like she may have brought these other "voices" to me without sounding crazy. I started to ignore the voices at night which from my studies I could chalk up to hypnagogia even though I know there were clear messages after ignoring the messages I started hearing my name being called in the middle of the day I ignored it of course and too be honest I really thought I was losing it. That was until my mom and sister also heard my name being called my mom heard my name in her office when she was alone and my sister heard my name in the house when nobody was home my mom said that when she heard it was very frantic like somebody looking for me which was weird because every time I hear it sounds very frantic like somebody freaking out calling my name. It was kind of scary now what I was hearing was being heard by my family and it was still calling my name not theirs. We all ignored it and then one night I went outside to put the dog out and I hear pssst come here pssst come here and I just knew that this voice was not human there was nobody around we have a five foot tall privacy fence and we live on five acres it freaked me out but again I brushed it off.

My dreams are back much like they were when I was younger and they are happening and I have no idea why for example two nights ago I had this random dream about two vehicles involved in a car accident and one of the vehicles had a certain company logo well the next day when I am driving to work what do I see the car accident in my dream and I was like wow not again and now all of the sudden I am seeing things twice for example I was waiting for a friend in front of a small restaurant and I am see this women and I took notice because she was wearing three shades of pink and she walked into the restaurant so here I am sitting here waiting and about fifteen minutes later the same women wearing three shades of pink walks into the restaurant again I was like what the heck I had been there the whole time I knew that she did not go out and come back in and there were no side or back entrances. I am also having very vivid dreams of those who passed on last night I had a dream about my great grandfather he told me that he will mess with the dimmer light in the kitchen to let my mom know he is here. I mean I just really cannot even remember all of these dreams and messages I get anymore and sometimes I really wonder why is this even happening. Why me and what am I?

Thanks in advance for any comments.

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violetstory (3 stories) (68 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-02)
❤ Well you are a medium. You have the ability to contact both sides, the physical and the spiritual. These spirits know you have the ability and want to send messages and fix things on the others side. Remember though that you set boundaries for what you allow to communicate with you and what you don't, but also remember that you will have to come to terms with who and what you are. I definitely recommend this book, it will help you a lot

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