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So the other day a friend and I went to Salem Massachusetts to get psychic readings. It's an annual thing for me to get one but I've never seen a professional until now. I had an instant connection with the woman I was paired with. The first things she said, right before I sat down, was that I had a very great white aura and that I need to meditate everyday because she senses A LOT of psychic energy in me that should be releases. Now, I'm a very spiritual person but I've never thought myself much of a psychic. At all. I just get vibes here and there (more so over the past few months since i've found my religion)

So over the past 3 days I've been meditating every night, trying to open myself up. And the past two nights something strange is happening. I take three deep breaths and then all of a sudden my body starts rocking back and forth in synch with my pulse. It's the strangest thing. At first I convinced myself that I was just imagining it or I was getting too focused on my pulse somehow (I don't even think that's possible) but the more deeper into myself I travel the more I swing and when I open my eyes and stop focusing, I stop rocking. Is this normal? What is happening? It doesn't make me scared though.

And another thing is while I was in this state (just a few minutes ago) I felt as though a cat brushed up against my back. I opened my eyes to shoo my cat away but she was sleeping on the floor a few feet from me. The psychic said there was a ghost cat in my house, but I've never had any contact with spirits before!

So what do you think? Is it all just my imagination? Am I just trying too hard? What's your opinion?

Also, if you have any tips for me I'm more than interested in hearing them!;-)

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-06)
JacalynnEve there are various experience when meditating.
Rocking actually snyncranizes the two hemisphere's
Of the brain.
Sensing or having ones attention on the pulse,
Or beating of the heart is normal.
The fact that you are indicating a ghost presence
Shows you are opening the physical alignment to the
If you look at small children they instinctively
Rock. And by rocking themself, this is why mothers
Rock babies forward and backward to relax them.

If you go large groups of meditation there are people
Scarielle (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-05)
When I first started meditating this would happen A LOT! They say it's you connecting to another realm (I would meditate for past life regression, but now I meditate to connect with my spirit guides as well.) During one session I actually had to stop because I just couldn't regulate it, and I got so nauseous I felt sick all day even after I opened my eyes... They say one way to help is focus on you're breathing more. Inhale in 6sec, pause and hold it 2sec, exhale 6sec, pause 2sec. Repeat.

I just read the book Infinite Quest, by John Edwards. He talks about meditation with your Chakras, and creating your very own "Psychic Room" It helped a lot with building a better meditation routine, you should check it out.
IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-04)

Since you were meditating, these vibrations might be related to an out of body experience. There is a sister site to this one that gives a good explanation of what it is and some typical pre-projection symptoms. Vibrations (sometimes really powerful ones) are typical.

Also, the cat feeling might have been hypnagogic experiences related to the projection. Again, you might read up on it. Basically, your body tries to test if you are asleep with sounds/sights/smells/etc. That might shock you back awake.

OR--you might have already begun the projection.

Kundalini, by the way, is a specific energetic experience related to the chakras, but not the same as. They can be opened naturally, through normal spiritual development. Others have the energetic energy travel along the spine, attempting to open each chakra. Sometimes it will stop at a particular place if there is a blockage there.

Isle - Lora
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-04)
You might want to look up Kundalini on the internet. This is the system of chakras (energy centers) in your body... You can open them through meditation. If you read more about them you might understand what you are experiencing a little better.
The vibrations are normal, keep going with it, and don't close your mind to anything. Nice that you are spirtual, spirtuality and psychic abilities are very much related so it's not unusual to hear this.
Keep an open mind and an open heart focus on the light and keep practicing.:)
Hard to say what the feeling of the cat brushing up against you was... But don't close your mind to any possibilities...
Good luck ❤

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