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My earliest recollection of realization of my dreams coming true was about 9 years of age, I believe. I dream of earthquakes and tidal waves mainly. I would tell my mother of them as they occurred yet she didn't really pay attention. At about 11 years old, I had one of these dreams. We lived in San Diego, California at the time and lived on the "cliffs" area. I guess I finally became determined to 'make' my mother listen this time by sitting her down to pay full attention. I told her "last night, mom, I had another earthquake dream. And this time- so that you believe me- It is going to happen this coming Friday". Well, yes it happened but all I got from her was that it was just a coincidence. I think I tried to tell her of other occurrences to come but eventually I gave up. See, the dreams don't happen all the time. And I cannot tell when to expect one. But they do. I am now older, of course, and now will just bring it up to whomever is around me the following day or so but it's forgotten by that person when I try to tell them "do you remember me telling you?".

Every one of the dreams are different and as time has gone by I now can almost decipher them by how catastrophic it is, how long it will be, how many 'felt' aftershocks, sometimes almost the exact reading of the 'Richter Scale', and most importantly is if it will be near me or far away. One of these ways is by seeing a certain 'size' of a tidal wave, or the damage during the quakes in the dreams. This is the first time I have EVER written about this. My most recent dream was very, very descriptive. I'm actually afraid to detail it as I don't wish for it to happen. I also don't wish to look a 'fool'.

This dream gives me an actual number of several simultaneous earthquakes occurring globally. I see televisions 'on' through a store window with the world reports occurring. The number was 17. From what I have learned from deciphering my own dreams, this is to occur within the year. I have more to describe but this is all I feel comfortable with for now. It doesn't seem to be an 'end of the world' dream. Just sadly devastating and destructive. The tidal wave near me was very fast. I awoke while running for cover on a cement stairway. My heart never pounded so much.

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Rosered12 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-07)
Hi I am a first time participator, I also have dreams/premonitions about natural disasters, I dreamt about the earthquake in Tohuku, Japan in 2011, 4 weeks before it occurred, it was very distressful especially the tsunami that followed, (the sound of the water was terrifying). I too think a great disaster will happen in our life time
All we can do is stay positive and send out postive energies to the universe!.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-28)
I have been through two earth quakes so in the back of my mind, I wanted to be in a building were there was an escape route.

I am so greatful I had these thoughts and followed
Them. Because one property, I had looked at had
Faired very poorly which I had decided not to move into.
When I lived in Northridge, California and was frequently aworken early in the morning. So I would pray.

Then the earth quake occured in Northridge.

Before that time I had dreams of Los Angeles having
A super large earth quake. One which has not transpired to the extent that I had viewed.

I believe it unwise to wish away the prophetic dreams,
Not utilizing the guidance given.

Trying to wish them away will never prepare us for the

There is actually a belief that the earth has
Chakra points, and many of these Earth Chakra points
Are connected to activity to volcanos, or pressure points in the earth.

I believe if we are in tune we will feel, see, dream, sense the changes before they come.

According to Science when the earth has natural disaster it is a moving being.
Tsunami's are a process of the earth recycling.

I do not know about you, but sometimes humans need
A wake up call, and natural disasters are the key.
Corporations are controlling the food supply and bringing illness to human bodies with their idea's so they can make more profit.
Possibly natural disasters can halt some of that.

Thanks for sharing
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-09-28)
I was raised along the coast of California like you (Cayucos, if you've ever heard of it) and had the exact same dreams you did. I now live in rural Washington State but even after I left California, I still dream of an earthquake so large it devastates that area, unlike anything we've seen so far. I hear the words and see the pictures. I think it's only a matter of time. And while we all know 'the big one' is inevitable, I think it will be in our lifetime.

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