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Kinesis Experimentation


I am TheTemporalKinetic and I can help anyone here with problems on almost any matter. I am a very experienced with multiple kinetics and controlling the elements. On the main matter of this story, I have been trying to bring my aerokinesis to a new level of understanding by combining parts of my "sight" and my radiokinesis. I plan to let out radiation from my body in small doses, then I will use my sight to see the path the radioactive particles take in the wind, essentially enabling me to see the wind. I believe this will alter my perception of Aerokinesis and enable me to bring it to a higher level.

Here is my problem. When I start this plan and release the radiation and begin to visualize it, it works at first then blacks out. By blacking out I mean my kinesis literally shuts down. For a couple minutes after trying I am not able to use any of my powers. For a while I have been researching countless things about telekinesis and other kinesis. If anyone wants help training or becoming more powerful you can email me at If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix my problem, or wants to know my other gifts they can enter in the section where you can enter your multiple questions and ideas. I am an experienced gyromancer and geomancer, I am a nosokinetic and I am also a radiokinetic, I am a Libra and I have an affinity for wind and earth, I know that it is normally wind but as I believe that Libra stands for balance, I have put equal study and research into all the elements, even Akasha (or spirit).

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