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Physical Manifestation Of A Dream


Like many of the folks on this site, I've had "prophetic" dreams since at least age 10. I see events, hear conversations, and later (the next day or the next month) that EXACT event occurs, precisely as I saw it. I've learned to accept this phenomenon and don't waste time telling people about these dreams as I don't want to be labeled a "kook" like my Aunt, who had similar experiences, was labeled by my family. However, this morning I awoke to an unsettling realization. I was dreaming a very vivid dream in which I was dressed in a Victorian-era-looking robe, while another young woman was attempting to curl and style my hair. In the dream I kept telling her to leave my hair alone, as I didn't want to go to the event I was being prepared for (no idea what that event was). My husband woke me up, I sat up on the bed and told him "Wow,that was such an intense dream. This woman kept trying to curl my hair and I kept telling her to stop". My husband, a devout Christian who tends to dismiss my psychic gifts, looked at me with horror in his eyes, and I had no idea why. I should mention I went to bed with my hair blow-dried straight as a stick. I got up, went into the bathroom-and saw my reflection in the mirror. Which was quite startling because my hair was curled in ringlets across my forehead. I do not own a curling iron, have no history of sleep-walking, and I did not curl my hair last night! I was startled because I almost did not recognize myself in the mirror-in a million years, I would never have gone out in public with this 'do! Has ANYONE experienced anything like this, or am I truly insane? I've had many waking instances of clairvoyance as well, but never a physical manifestation from something I had just been dreaming about. I did just tell my sister about this, and she related a secret to me: several years ago, she dreamed she was being attacked by something she would only refer to as "something bad", and awoke with scratch marks on her neck. She never told anyone, as she too fears being dismissed as a lunatic. I have no problem whatsoever with the accepting the fact that I have some kind of heightened "sense" which allows me to see events before they happen. I expect all people have this sense to some degree, but because they don't know they have it, they don't use it. But the actual physical reality is something entirely new and rather unsettling. I am an educated person and a responsible mother, NOT a nut-case who WANTS desperately to be "psychic". This is honestly just an accurate description of precisely what has happened to me. I'd love to hear from anyone who has information or similar experiences to share. Thank you so much for the forum.

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SummerDawnCory (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-08)
Wow, I'm not sure about the hair but that definitaly sounds like a pastlife. Try and sort of meditate on this before you go tobed and mabye you'll get more to the story on what event it is and why you didn't want to go? Mabye it was a very important night for your soul or mabye something tramatic happened and your soul can't get over it? Hope this helps let mes know if you get anything else.:)
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-07)
We have what is refered to as the Etheric Double.
Some have seen this as Grey, or Colbalt Blue, physical body and some have referred to this as having sighs that only accompany a physical activity: such as scratches, and
Could well be your hair.

Biblical characters as Paul Apostle spoke of being in heaven, or in or out of the body. And Father Pio
An Italian Priest. Some Yogi's, Tibetan Monks have
Some really bizzare stories.

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