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I'm using my daughters account to ask someone who is absolutely brilliant at demonology. In my family we are directly related to the korean fox spirit Kumiho. It has skipped several generations, but my grandmother. My family sealed off her powers to certain limits. Back in Korea my family is a line of Priestesses and Exorcists. And of course my daughter has the ability to see spirits and demons with out a problem. However she isn't a normal 15 year old girl.

She as developed the kumiho to its peak. Amber colored eyes, her k-9's grew longer and sharper, her face is similar, and she's able to see demons and sniff them out 2 miles away. At first her eyes were flickering and flashing the amber color, so I thought it was normal since it runs in the family. But now they are stuck that color. When she hears, smells, or sees a demon that\'s when her pupils become like a fox. A monk friend of mine says we could seal her powers but it won't really work that well as it did with my grandmother. I need some advice on this before I make my final decision. It would be real helpful if someone knew what they were talking advice.

My daughter has a great modeling and music career ahead of her. I want her to be able to handle both of these things, it would kill me to not be able to help. I want her to be the person she wants to be. I know she won't be able to hurt anyone since it's in her nature. AND SHE IS NOT POSSESSED BY A DEMON! Only very few people will know what to say, without offending. And I would like someone to help me with the whole demonology of this since my family only knows a handful.

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Nicole_19 (2 stories) (24 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-07)
I, myself, know nothing about demons... I will only say this one thing, though... People are born with abilities that are more than hard to handle. However, the only way to cope with them is to embrace them otherwise they will only keep on coming back... It will only be energy consuming. Your daughter will be extremely tired of all this continuous circle. I will pray for her, and wish for her well being =]... I send you my love ^___^
Kiame2012 (9 stories) (24 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-04)
I am a hugely powerful psychic, to the extent of forming blue light from the tips of my fingertips-- uncontrollably.

I may not be an expert in demonology, however, I do have many demon experiences and contacts with a different world. It is not your choice to destroy a pattern of your own daughters' self being. It is hers. A normal life? Or a different life? It is her choice. Do not get it confused.
RevSilverson (103 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-04)
your daughter is the only person who can make this decision. If you or others interfere it could backfire on you and create great internal conflict for your daughter. She can control her abilities but at this time in her life she doesn't know how.

Your daughter is "reading" negative energy signatures. By sending out her energy she creates a pathway to negative energy which the negative energy entity can use to "read" her as well. It becomes a 2 way street. I know this because I perform succesful long distance cleansings for people around the world. Once I know the location of the entity I can send out my astral body (my spirit), locate them and neutralize them. I have documented this process and outcome using emails.

Your daughter's spiritual destiny could easily conflict with the physical realm as we all must remember that we cannot live in the spiritual world 100% of the time otherwise we might end up homeless or hungry etc. There must be a balance between the need to care for our physical selves and the need to fulfill our spiritual destinies. Just as she has a strong enough spirit to locate and "read" energy signatures she also is strong enough to control her psychic abilities. Let the flow of energy go in and go out until she can decide for herself what she wants to do about it.

I will always, as a responsible shaman, err on the side of caution- a change in eye color can indicate a chemical imbalance in the body. You need to have her checked out by a doctor to ensure her physical health is stable.

Love and light
Zin (guest)
11 years ago (2013-02-03)
Well first off I must say a Kumiho is more of an prankister then a demon. A more evil demon would try to bring for pain and suffer for the reason of something to do for fun.

Anyway, given what you have said she seems to be a high level psychic most likely what you are seeing is her astral projection form. I have know a few astral projectors to take a less than human form when projecting and if the projector is strong enough or you sensative enough you will be able to see it time to time. Furthermore, given that she can pick up on demons it seems she is more likely the result of the proper psyhic genes your family has in it coming forth.

Personnal, I would be fairly interested in hearing a few of her experiences.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-03)
korean fox spirit Kumiho-it would be part of the
Job. Having an ability to shape shift!
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-03)
The reality in many cultures, the age of consent is
Puberty. When a young person is of age as
Your daughter. It would be wise to just ask her
What she wishes?

She came into this family line and earth
Plane with a mission in mind.

As a parent I have learned that guidance and words
Can only be given to ears that are open as a child.

In areas of Shamanic indigenious groups!
To understand light/dark are necessary.
Looking to Buddhism! By Philip Rawson
A book called: Sacred Tibet, some of the
Dieties appear fearce, and evil to ward
Off neg and wicked spirits.

Regarding your daughter. The fact that she smells and hears at a distance. Proves her Root Chakra is open.
This is an old Chakra that is a warrior and can
Also work as a predator so to speak.

I agree with your monk friend trying to seal her
Energies will not work. Since she has the fire (amber)
Already set abaze within her.
It would be wise to bless her and put her under a person whom works in the same manner she is headed for. Despite her abilities being more in some instances, there is things she must know according to
Tradition. As many of these traditions work to protect
As well as help prepare her.
Getting her information on regarding Trance would be
Helpful, as some of the identifying markers your describing are part of her path.

You may wish to read: Shamanism and Tantra in the Himalayas
By Claudia Muller-Ebeling, Christian Ratsch, Surendra Bahadur Shahi

Hopebringer92 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-02-03)
Welcome chikadee123's mother,
I don't really know anything about fox Kumiho, but I have experienced myself powers being sealed and i'm still struggling with it. I'm sorry for the post being long, but I have to tell you all in detail.

I was born with a big responsibility and my destiny forced me to get to know both good and evil or light and dark. I was born as an angel. During my life I had gottten out of control and wanted to live my own life. I married a guardian and was living a very good life, we even had a daughter. But good things came to end, I was stuck without new experiences and information for too long. I left my soulmate and had an affair with a demon who helped me to go to hell, literaly. During my time in hell I have been doing many bad things which I want to forget. The time was flowing and I had obtained all the information I wanted. I cam back to heaven, but I was stripped of my memories and everything I was. I had to start from square one. The attacks on me were occuring frequently because of the artifact I still possess. I got help from some mysterious person who also has fulfilled my request-> he has sealed my powers and my memories, because this was the time when I wanted to come to the physical plane and learn how the humans live. But I knew that without powers I would be able to fully understand and experience all that. I was present in ancient Egypt when mastabas, pyramids and irrigation system was invented. Also I was learnt futhark alphabet and was living in China.

However, that is not what is the most important. All the time, even if I live a human life I feel unhappy. I am always chasing after my powers, I have always wanted them back. I was doing many silly things to get them back and I have always failed. What i'm trying to say is that if you strip your daughter of powers, she will never the same person again, she would never feel true happiness or feel secure or loved, she would become a total wreck. It is why I advise you to think it all over for her own good.

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