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Am I Psychic Or Just Really Tuned In?


I'm new to this and really confused about things. I've saw spirits and felt their presence since I was a young girl, however, as the years have went on I feel that they are deliberately appearing to me and lingering around me. I've never spoken directly to them as I've always been contained in my own fear.

For instance, the earliest memory I have is of a little girl appearing in my bedroom in my grandmothers house. I was 14 at the time, and the girl looked between the ages of 6-10. She simply stood there in a nightgown and I closed my eyes and mentally wished for her to go away and when I looked she was gone. My grandfather told me the next morning he was sure he saw me go into his room in the early hours of the morning but it wasn't me.

The next experience I felt a man who I felt to be my great grandfather in my room in my own home. Also the next morning I recieved a call to say my aunt had awoken to a face right in her face in the dark and it quickly disappeared.

I then had a very bad experience in the same home for months with what I can only describe as a very angry man. He would pace the floor at the end of my bed in the dark and hover or lean directly over my face in an extremely intimidating way. My partner saw him only once, sitting at our computer. He spoke to my then 3 year old son, scratched his head, woke him up in the night, drew on him with felt pen. There was bangs throughout the house, large blue flashes of light in the middle of rooms, the list was endless. Eventually got ghost hunting experts in who allowed me to use their evp equipment and the spirit spoke to me through this telling me his name was Robert.

I moved house shortly afterwards and two nights ago I saw someone wearing black and white, a very solid figure out the left side of my vision, just casually walk out of my living room door. My son woke up the following night to tell me that the man told him to go for a shower.

In between these incidents I have always sensed spirits in the room, how many, what sex, roughly how old, good or bad temperaments. I've always felt like hands are being stroked on my face and through my hair, smelt different smells and my hands go extremely cold when I feel the activity.

I have arranged to attend my local spiritualist church tomorrow evening but thought I would ask on here for any advise or feelings anyone has about myself and the goings on. Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon.

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Psionics101 (4 stories) (16 posts)
8 years ago (2013-03-21)
Either the houses you go to are haunted or somethings following you. But something is going on I would get help immediately, any case where a child is involved you can't risk it. Try cleansing the home and pray. If it isn't malevolent I would still suggest cleansing you can't be too careful. If it shows any signs of evil/malevolent activity you have quite a fight on your hands.

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