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Plagued With Paranormal Activity


For years now I have felt like I been plagued with paranormal activity. As a kid I was cursed with night terrors, and I have struggled with sleeping issues all my life (including sleep walking). It seems like no matter where I move shortly after strange things start happening around the house. I wake up almost every night at 3. One of the house I moved into I experienced multiple activities that made me move out of the place. I would wake up in the middle of the night and hear people talking to me. In my sleep I would have dreams that felt like very real to the point where I would be sitting on my bed having conversations with people I have never seen before then realize it was just a dream. Sometimes these dreams seem so real that I don't even feel like I have slept just came to and I would be in a different room. I vividly remember a woman warning me in my sleep not to go into the other room cause HE would get mad and wrapping her arms around me. I am a decent sized guy who regularly does extreme sports its hard to scare me yet that experience horrified me. I personally have witnessed things move randomly in my house. I woke up one morning to a cat waking me out of bed and I don't own a cat. It walked out of my room and I spent the rest of the morning searching for it thinking I had a new pet. After expectation of the small house there was no way a cat could get into the house. I have had women stay with me and say they heard walking up and down the halls or banging on the walls while I slept and they couldn't wake me to hear it. It is not an isolated place this has happen in it has been different houses. I could always tell when the nights would be the worst cause I would walk through the door and almost feel static in the air and goose bumps everywhere. Sometimes this would be accompanied by a feeling of anger or confusion. I feel so weird cause I can walk into a friends house and sometimes I feel overwhelmed with a emotions and eerie feelings. I won't talk to any of my friends about this though. Just recently I was hanging out upstairs at my friends house sitting in the chair. I looked over and clearly saw a woman peek around the corner at me quickly and smile. I thought maybe it was his wife and told him hey Your wife's home. He replied to me that she was out of town for a couple days and the only one staying there at the time was him. I seem to also attract girls who have paranormal things happen in their lives. I would be dating them for months and all the sudden I would find out stuff about them having issues in the past. I never discuss my experiences with people so them bringing it up outta no where kind of freaked me. I was asleep with one and woke up to a huge black figure in the doorway staring at me who made no effort to leave or disperse when I noticed him. He just staired at me and I could sense that he was angry with me and could feel hate I watched him for a solid 10 minutes. A week later I brung it up to her and she said that she had issues with him sense she was younger and I was the first guy to notice him. She pretty much told me to ignore him and he would stop. It never really did stop I just never brung it up to her again cause she was almost in tears when I mentioned it the first time. More and more it is feeling like it is getting worst. Stuff goes missing and ill find it somewhere I would never set it. I am getting woken up more and more feeling like someone is watching me. My dreams feel like they wear me out cause I never know who will try talking to me and what they want from me. I'm really just curious what is going on with me. Am I sensitive? Is there a way for me to tune it down? I just moved away to try out a new college and once again stuff is starting to happen around me again. Seeing shadows, stuff moving out of place, waking up to whispers in my ears, covers being moved off me or the bed sinking like someone is resting their weight on it, sometimes when I meet people or my friends go to tell me something going on or that happened I already know what they will tell me about. It kind of just comes and goes don't really have a control over it. Also I have been getting more and more nightmares about the house I had most the bad paranormal experiences in. I'm really just trying to get feed back from people. I know I sound scatter brained but I just have so many things that have happened its hard to write them all down and not jump from story to story. But any ideas would be welcome if you could help me. So I feel like I have rambled on and don't really like to talk about the subject that already makes me uncomfortable

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LittleSoki (1 stories) (9 posts)
8 years ago (2013-03-22)
I can't say I can offer much help, and I'm sorry for that, but I can tell you you're not alone. I've basically have had the same experiences as you and I can at least offer some advice.

My friend, who I've known since birth, told me a few years back that she was having paranormal experiences and it shocked me. Mostly because I was too and admitted I hated her house because I knew something was there. Like you're ex, she was shocked I noticed since I was the first. At night, when we'd sleep in her room (I'm 15 so it was a sleepover), things would fly around the room and I'd literally cling to her I was so scared. Then she... Expelled him from her room. That's the best way I can describe it and quickly said a prayer and sealed her door so he wouldn't get in. It actually worked. Sure, he literally destroyed the room next to her room and her parents thought it was us, but at least he didn't mess with us anymore.

Basically I'm trying to say prayer works. As well as sealing your room off. They will just bang around you're house a bit but you'll be ok. Or, if you're like me, just get out of the house. I don't mean move but go for a walk or do something. I get so overwhelmed because I'm so sensitive to their presence that I literally go on the verge on insanity. It's terrifying. Anyway, I hope I helped.
askme (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2013-03-22)
Thank you very much! Those are some ideas that I have never found while researching this subject. I can imagine it being stressful having kids exposed to the situation. I know one time I was watching movies and a cover got thrown strait off me and the fact my brother was in the room scared me that he was being exposed to it, so I can only imagine what it would be like with kids involved.
mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
8 years ago (2013-03-22) sound like you are having the same issues as me. Everywhere I go the paranormal finds me. I've had many witnesses to some of the events that have taken place around me. Demonic entities are the worst of all of them. I've had objects float across the room and disappeared, lots of banging and strange knocking on our front and back door (musical like), been lifted off the ground while laying on my couch, been attacked including my kids, chinchilla ball spinning and rolling across the room on own, doors opening and closing, death of animals including one going deaf while in my care, dryer turning on by itself while I'm in laundry room, and so forth. All I can really tell you is to learn protection and grounding and do lots of prayer. If they are makeing you dizzy or messing with your energy field, you can imagine a brick wall being built around you completely. Imagine that brick wall begin to push their energy field away from you as you see the wall spread out away from your body while keeping it surrounding you. I've done this and it worked. I've done prayer to stop them from putting fear in my youngest. They had set all his electronic toy guns on in the middle of the night and it woke him. We said a prayer together praying from our hearts while envisioning Jesus's face. It stopped the activity. Learn how to ground yourself too. Some people have told me to keep my lights on but that was a joke... They come out in the day time too, so it doesn't work. Sea salt has helped us get good sleep at times but you have to believe it works. Burn some sage or insense in your room getting every corner and the closet. Then take rock sea salt and pour it along the doorway and all the windows to keep them out for the night. As far a shutting down the seeing, I haven't had any luck. I may not notice them so much as seeing them clear on when trying this, however, if they want your attention, they will get it regardless doing whatever it takes... Such as flickering of lights and so on. You can try doing this by imagining and focusing on your third eye closing.

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