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Powerful Pleasure


It happened on the day before last. Something was building in the air, a force unlike anything I had ever felt. If I would have known what was coming I may have scared myself into lethargy, or my crafty and calculating mind would have filled my head with thousands of thoughts in an effort to sabotage something that was beyond its scope. Of course I had no idea of any of these happenings at the time, I was focused on listening to my date and lover f talk about his experiences dealing with older men, and was quite amused if I do say so myself. We had just finished getting settled in to the hotel where we were staying the night when it hit me. A swell of energy had suddenly pushed me into the back seat of my mind and a new presence that was still me (I think) but also Other, sat in front now. Words spilled from my lips; "I am lust, and your pleasure is mine".

"I am so sorry I don't know where that...!" I started mumbling, along with some other embarrassed noises, when "Steve (as we will call him) hushed me and looked me right in the eyes. The power that had vanished with my shock instantly blasted back into place, quieting my mind and bringing me right back into the moment. He was something magical, something wild that runs through the forests, laughing and smiling and free. This time I moved myself back and let the energy of the Other spirit guide me into what it knew best.

What followed was the most passionate, most connected, most "real" intimacy I have ever had. The stage has now been set and I am here to write about a psychic experience, not erotica, so I will save on most of the details but for the ones pertinent to the topic. While we were engaged the room filled up with steam, true thick clouds so that you couldn't see from one side of the room to the other, it also had raised the temperature considerably I am sure, but didn't check the thermostat to see how much. What I could see though was that Steve's face was circled with blue glowing swirling symbols. I allowed my self to think it was a trick of the light (even though the lights were off at the time) until I saw his back. It was completely covered in blue glowing symbols as well, these ones seemed more triangular shaped with sharp lines. I couldn't feel them when I tried, but they stayed visible for a while even after we were done. The psychic abilities I have discovered within my self have never taken shape like this before, or with this level of power. Anybody ever heard of anything like this?

I am claircognazant. I will just know things suddenly that may or may not pertain to my current situation. I am able to see and "know" a person. Not anything specific like facts but it feels like actually seeing their soul and being able to empathize and love them because I know they are worthy of it. My emotions project themselves, so if I am happy then everyone can feel the weight of it, and will have a hard time not feeling the same, I desire happiness in others because it is beautiful to see a soul light up with joy. This has really been about the measure of what I have done before this event.

So really I guess I am just throwing it out there to see if it's weird or suspicious that something like this happened when it seems so unrelated to anything I have done before. Would appreciate any kind of input at all! Thanks:D

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truely-unknown (10 stories) (106 posts)
10 years ago (2013-04-28)
I know what you mean by "knowing" someone without having met them before. For me as long as I have any connection with them, even if they just joined a lobby for a game and I just started having a connection, I can feel it. I don't get a feeling of love or anything though. I just get into a cold calculating mind that manages to use the knowledge that I feel to find the routes they take on the map. It's a little wierd how it works for me, considering the distance it covers, I think mine can piggyback off of electronic signals. As for how you gained energy and said that, I've experienced the energy gain. It is however, hard to control yourself with that much energy in you, but I've managed. The symbols, I experience them but they are faint, and hard to discern from the backround or any vision problems. I also end up picking the negative emotions off people, and it's hard to block that out.
harrypotterrules (1 stories) (89 posts)
10 years ago (2013-04-26)
Your date may have been claircognazant too, so maybe he was feeling very happy as well, giving you that same emotion at the same time. I wish I was like that because that could really help me with the bullies at school.

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