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Energy Is Powerful If You Become Aware


I believe I have become aware of what is going on and why some of us have these sensitivity to others. It is my belief that our individual vibration. Is of a higher frequency of most others. Let me explain more simply.

It is been proven that every individual vibrates at a certain frequency as we all able be alive and use our bodies with our own energy. The higher the frequency, the more that person is able to be aware of things that happen outside most human range of senses. It's like if you play drums and you are highly good at it, you are able to listen to music and notice imperfections of another drummer as where just anybody would never know the difference. We must experience an above average event to notice that it even exists and can be manipulated before our brains will consciously remember the information and begin to use that out of the ordinary experience as the starting point for learning and knowing what to do next time we have a similar experience and increasingly getting more skilled as knowledge from each experience is gained.

So when in contact with someone of a lower frequency or even thought energy, there is an energy exchange between people The lower a person's frequency, the more a higher frequency individual will without any effort, feel that persons energy. In my case I would feel their emotions, physical imperfections, know what kind of person they are. I can also, if I tune into it, get a very specific mindset that is not mine but theirs. I can literally place myself in their shoes and somehow my energy melds with their subconscious. Like If I ask silently in my head questions I may want to know, an answer of "my reaction or my opinions of the subject in question" instantly I know as if I were that individual. Sounds crazy but I'm not here to convince anyone that my personal experiences are real or not. Like I can interact somehow with their subconscious without they even realizing it because they don't have the ability to use their conscious mind simultaneously with their subconscious it's like robbing your co-workers house on a sick day while they are at work and think you are too.

I believe that from the feeling I get and judging from the reaction on others that I have been observing for a long time. Anything I have interaction with (animals included) is typically living within the average human range of senses and seems to have a younger soul (less empathic) so they operate at a lower frequency. They just haven't evolved as older souls have learned from previous experience. And I spend a lot of time meditating and consciously raising my frequency. So because of this, when our energy exchanges, abiding universal law that energy must always balance, our energies create a frequency which we can interact. So I literally feel this change in energy. It's as if it were slowing me down, adding weigh and bringing my mood down. I actually absorb some of it. It's as air is to a person-the person cannot feel air or see it because the molecules are moving way too fast and out of or range of vision but if you could speed up the rate which our molecules were moving we could see things we once were unable. As they also feel the effects of their frequency being raised and physically this makes them feel calm, relaxed and just good about life. If I don't raise my energy back up and release their energy, I am left with any physical ailments they might have such as sore back, neck, headache, skin issues.

I have much to say but I will stop there.

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CheshireCat (35 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-19)
Interesting experiences... I think your on the right track in general. I don't think it's about 'higher or lower frequency' per say. As in the color violet vibrates/oscillates at a higher frequency than the color red but in the end, there just two different frequency's of visibly spectrum that we can see. Doesn't make one better or worse just unique. Energetically speaking, you can lose your energy to someone of a lower energetic state by being around them but how this works I'm not sure. Most people have been around someone whos sick or really tired from a long day and can feel a drain or pull on there energy levels when around the person. The sick or tired person in return usually feels better as the've taken on your energy. This seems no different than atoms trying to stabalize themselves by grabbing electrons off one another. You could also look at enlightenment/ consciousness as atomic structures. When we get light from a bulb, we send electrons/energy through a filament that sends the orbital paths of the electrons into a 'higher' vibration spin/energy orbit causing them to shed electrons giving light before dropping down to the stable orbital position. I think the trick to people pulling off such a feat other than in moments of epiphany... The ureaka I've got it moment... Is to both enlarge and ground the energy in a stable way so as to keep the energy body stable. I imagine this is why most disciplines of the far east incorporate a lot of mind body coordination such as yoga or martial arts to stabilize the whole person. Otherwise you'll just wind up more like plutonium or uranium and vastly more unpredictable and unstable.

I'm also aware that you can take on their resonate fields/energy body along with feeling the aches and pains... You can even find yourself enmeshed with there mental and emotional fields in which you can lose sight of all boundary lines. Take this a step further and it's much like seeing someone as a violin or piano, once your intune with their energy, you can play as they do and vice versa or send and recieve thoughts or emotions quite easily like an old married couple or twins. The only thing you have to ask is if this is healthy or not for you. Boundary lines are always good to have.

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