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I Can Feel Things That I Cannot See


I think I can feel things that I cannot see. It's very non-descript, though.

When I was young, I would sometimes feel a need to go outside and just stand there. Like I'd be sitting on my computer, and next thing I knew I have an urge to run outside and stand on the street corner, feeling things around me. I'd be asked what was out there, and I'd always answers nothing because "nothing" was out of the ordinary. I just needed to stand out there until I felt it pass. Then I'd go inside and continue like nothing happened. Usually, it happened at night. Before bed, I used to have to check out my window into the backyard. Sometimes, that yard drew me into it, just to stand there, waiting for the feeling to pass. Other times, I'd be drawn to the park on the next block or the strip of trees behind it.

When it was really strong, I would try talking to it, just a greeting or what was on my mind. One time, I was standing on the corner, and I heard a voice down the block call my name. That was a weird occasion because a friend was following me outside, so it was like voice, then her and it got jumbled.

Also, when I'm alone with my thoughts, I feel the need to check around me in the room because I feel like something is there. But nothing ever is, and I feel rather strongly that I don't want anything to be there. I have always pursued this weird feeling, but I've also had a strong avoidance of actually seeing anything It's not just that I'm hyper-aware but also like I can almost imagine varying possibilities, weird things.

Also, I am incredibly emotionally sensitive. I feel emotions very powerfully, often overwhelmingly to the point where I can only cry. I enjoy the crying that comes after strong emotions, though. It's like an explanation that surrounds me but it is happening in a code I cannot understand, like understanding on a weird level.

If I read a story, I tend to take on the emotional tone and the subtle attitudes of the characters. I will on a small-scale live out what I read. It's weird, and the emotions can be over-powering.

I used to write it off as me being paranoid, and I am because you cannot really help it when you are hyper-sensitive/ aware. Does anyone else get these vague feelings? I would like to understand it more because I'm an artist and really enjoy human emotions.

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Gazzabort (guest)
9 years ago (2012-07-31)
Hey there onionknight,

I'm 29 years old now and what you have written and described is freakishly 100% exactly what I myself have felt since the age of about 8 years old and onwards. Just before finding this site and reading your experience I had a intence emotional feeling of helplessness and like your self when straight outside where I did infact also shed tears. These feeling are so strange and I have also just passed them off like I'm just weired or maybe depressed. The fact I'm still having them leads me to know that being depressed is definitely not the case as my life has honestly never been better. I too also see brief passing shadow like figures regularly and on a few occasions like "eyesontheskies" had the real intense ringing/buzzing experience especialy when entering the room of someone deseased. I have always very rarely spoken of these feeling and experiences unless someone who has also had them has confronted me about thier experiences first, but now I'm trying to talk about and interact with similar people more to hopefuly get some kind of closure, learn how to controll or even be better at it.

Please let me know if and how you progress with your experiences as I would much appriciate to hear them and any thoughts you may have too.

Thank a bunch matey,

eyesontheskies (1 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-22)
wow I feel like you just wrote this about me lol. I can relate with everything you said. I have been feeling the "someone is there" feeling for the past few months except I know there is something because I can hear it. I don't mean that it is talking to me but I think I can hear energy or something, I have always heard an intense ringing/buzzing sound when someone is approaching, I am talking about people not ghosts. But lately I have been hearing this ringing/buzzing noise when I am by myself and there appears to be nobody there which is freaky because I ONLY hear the sound when there is a presence. And about the emotions thing sometimes I just get a random overwhelming feeling of helplessness, like I should be helping someone but I don't know who and I just start to tear up.
Lalela (9 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-20)
And be aware, there's a lot of crap out there on the internet about empathy and stuff. My advice is, best way to learn about it is from what you go through yourself. =)
Lalela (9 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-20)
Onion knight - You're sensitive to emotions... People call it empathy. The feeling that somebody is there with you in an empty room is probably because you can sense spirits. It's that weird feeling hard to describe that there is a presence there in the room but you look around and see nothing... So you try to shrug it off but you know there is a presence around. Don't worry it's nothing to be afraid of. =)

And about that childhood thing of suddenly feeling an urge to rush to a specific spot... I'm guessing you saw or felt something like some kind of energy that made you rush there and maybe you don't remember it now after so many years but just remember the rushing part?
IslVoter (257 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-20)

Sounds like, at some level, you already know what is important, know when you are feeling things.

One thing that crossed my mind when you were describing feeling like someone was in your room, but you didn't want there to be and didn't see anything--you may have enough fear still that you won't actually "see" until those fears are calmed. Remember--you are energy. You cannot be destroyed--or hurt if you deal with whatever fears you have (we all have them) and acknowledge that you are a consciousness that cannot be hurt.

Also, about the going outside, I have sort of similar feelings. A while back I began to feel like I had to have the French doors to my bedroom open at night. It was like the negativity or excess energy from me couldn't escape, or positive couldn't get to me.

I have a very strong connection to energy and outside on the deck are lots of plants--walls of them--and I feel they have a kind of elemental strength to them.

In fact, one night when I hadn't opened the door (because it was kind of cold that night), I got up in the night to open the door and as I did I saw this... Strand of pearlescent-colored orbs, in a string like a necklace, slide into the room around the door opening--staying in that line.

I don't know what they are, but I know they are positive. I think they heal, or at the least, remove negativity I may have built up.

Since I have planted 55 tomato plants and basil and arugula and other things on that deck, it is even a more strong feeling for me.

Some of us are, by nature, connected to earth and nature. It sounds like you may be being told to get away from the electronics for a while--and you do--so that's great.

You've followed your gut, so continue. You do know what's best for you. The presences that you sense--will all show if/when it's the right time for you. I feel your own guides are pacing what you are exposed to. They usually know best!

Keep up the good work.


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