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Manic Episode Or Actual Psychic Expierence


I was living out in Boulder, Colorado a very happy, peaceful and spiritually progressive environment. I got heavily into Yoga, and got into the best shape of my life. I began practicing meditation also. One night after an excellent Vinyasa Yoga class I wen't back to my room, and began to meditate. I already felt calm and relaxed from Yoga and I was able to clear my mind fairly quickly. I began visualizing the hot beach in Florida, and I was in such a deep state I transported myself to Florida's beach. Then I remembered a friend who told me he could Astral Project and I was always skeptical. However I remembered he said visualize a long infinite ladder that you are slowly climbing down, and just count your breath, inhale and exhale and just imagine taking one step at a time down this ladder. I did this for about an hour or 2 I felt so calm and relaxed, then I remembered he said step off the ladder and imagine the falling sensation you get when your in a dream and you fall. So I did and my body started convulsing like I was free-falling off a cliff. My body shook for about 10-20 seconds then suddenly it gracefully stopped, I felt my body hit the "floor" or spiritual plane, and I left my body. It was like a huge light shined on me and everything was bright. I could think of any friend or any family member and I was instantly in there room, dorm, apartment and could see what color sheets they had and there floating naked body sleeping (since this was around 3 in the morning. I remember I also then thought of leaving to a new plane and went to the spiritual plane where I met my grandmother who was just a ball of yellow light but held my hand up and I felt her energy. My whole body had goosbumps. I instantly knew that all my relatives that had past away spirits were with me, and I felt a sense of such assurance that this body is so temporary and our spirit lives on, in a much more peaceful world where there is no time. I felt I had gone to heaven or whatever plane you want to call it where our spirits go when you pass away. This was just the beginning of my psychic journey. I also could sense other people's energy, see aura's and whenever talking on the phone see the person's color there shirt and surroundings. I felt my third eye opened up that night of meditation. I was very open about all my experiences I even told my parents and it ended up scaring a lot of people, but a lot of open-minded people believed me and encouraged me to explore this gift. It got bad when I had friends who I sensed were in some sort of danger and I was very striven to other peoples energy. Then a random man walked up to me one night at a bar and started asking me tons of questions about astral projection. He began to tell me he worked for the government and wanted me to come with him somewhere. I am so confused about all of this but that put me over the edge, I completely got paranoid and ended up in a psych-ward. I am fine now and happy to say not paranoid anymore. But it was very scary and I still don't know if all this was delusional or if there was some truth to my experiences. Was I just completely manic, or did I have a gift. Since then I stopped doing yoga and mediation and fell into a bit of a depression, so I don't have these abilities anymore I wonder if I would if I continued meditation. I am so confused on the whole thing, and I believe I was under a Psychic attack by this random man who knew I was vulnerable, and messed with me. I need some help with this and want to know if any of this makes sense?

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