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I have posted on here before, about being intuitive and having dreams that come true, and weird/bad feelings and them coming true. Recently, I haven't been that happy, and then I am not tune in the world, so I have not been having that much stuff happen to me. Except other peoples energies. It is so hard for me to go out in public, and especially be around people I know. I can feel what they are feeling, and it's almost like I take away the bad energy from them and put it in to me. And after, I can't get rid of it. It just stays in me. And people always wonder why I am moody, or why I constantly ask them what's wrong, but I can ALWAYS tell when something is wrong, even when no one else can. Basically, I need help shielding other peoples emotions from turning in to mine. I can barely feel any of my own emotions, it's always other peoples. And it's so hard to be around people with bad energies, it makes me physically sick and it drains everything out of me. My uncle, hes rude, and has a energy that is just dark gray/blackish and every time he walks into a room it just hits me in the chest and I have to keep myself from crying. I constantly have anxiety attacks, especially around a lot of people because there is just so many different energies around me. I just turned 17 and I want to be able to live my life without having to go through other peoples pain. I love helping people, I always have, but it's hard because I take there pain away from me. I have already tried to put up a wall, but that only helps so much. Please help me?

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annieoaktree (2 stories) (13 posts)
8 years ago (2013-09-04)
Cassidy Lee,
Until you are able to shield yourself try avoiding people that drain you and avoid overwelming situations when possible.

A regular practise of meditation will help you to be more in control of your own boundaries.
Meditation could be formal as in yoga or could just be you with your ipod listening to a favorite song.

One way to create a sheild

1. Place a closed hand on your chest. Envision a strong powerful light coming from the Universe,God, (the Sun). It pours in your head and pools where your hand is. Now expand that white light creating a sphere.
Keep expanding it until you are surrounded with the strong white light. A sensitive person may need to do this several times a day. It only takes a phew seconds and doesn't look that odd.

I like Thulsa's advice about finding your stone. I think I did this without realizing it. Now I need to figure out where I put it.

So the next thought is what to do when your feeling icky from unwanted energies or emotions.

Here are my favorites.

1.sitting in the sun (very powerful)
2.bath (add salt for clearing, ginger powder for pain)
3.sweat it out (drink something like chai tea wrap up
In a blanket)
4.vibrations- for me this means turning the radio up loud. Not always practical since I live with my family)
You can have special songs on your ipod that can help
You focus and change your mood.
5.a bottle of lavender water to spray around.

An aside: I have noticed that Native American regalia often include jewelry with mirrors. The idea being to reflect back energy that is not desirable.

Find the things that make you happy. Do them regularly.

Animal and Plant Allies:
Be in nature and learn about animals and plants.
Call on their attributes when needed.
Be sure to give thanks.

All my best,
cuddlyangl (1 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2013-09-03)
First let me tell you I completely understand and you are not alone. Before I learned to handle it I felt the same way. It is an out of control feeling. I sought help from a friend who is a very gifted psychic and empath and learned there are ways to cope and shield yourself. Even if it is just tricking yourself into numbing outside influences it really does work. I started out by saying this every morning, "Surround me with white light, I will not let through anything that does not belong to me. I cast out any feelings that are not my own and do not invite any negative thoughts into my light." I know that sounds very simple and very silly but it worked. The more I said it the more I became in tune to what belonged to me and what did not. If it was not mine I gave it no thought. After months I started to realize that so much of what was weighing me down wasn't even mine in the first place! When you feel down ask yourself, "Where is this feeling coming from? Is there something in MY life that has caused this?" If the answer is no then disregard the feeling as someone else. If the answer is yes then search for what in your life needs to be looked at. After a while you start being able to shield and that feels amazing. It's not to say you can never use your gift. You just learn how to control it rather than it controlling you. I use mine everyday, I just use it how I see fit to use it. Another thing you have to remember is that you can't fix the world so don't try. Help those who come to you for help. Just because you feel someone is hurting doesn't mean it is your job to fix it or that you are a bad person for not fixing it. Get rid of the guilt associated with the empath gift. We can't fix everyone nor should we try to. I really hope this helps you because I can relate so strongly to what you are going through.
Thulsa (1 stories) (34 posts)
8 years ago (2013-09-01)
CassidyLee, This is going to sound corny, but there is a lot of wisdom in the saying, "You need to go to your happy place". You need to find a tool that can help you create positive feelings and energy. Some people use a funny advertising jingle or a song. Some people use a funny memory or a very warm and loving one. Here is a trick that I use myself. First take a long walk down a path in nature some where you really like. Reach down and pick up a rock some where along the path. If you pick one up and it feels warm or soft to your touch put it in your pocket, and if it does not drop it and find another. You only need to find one to hang onto. What you are doing is finding a channeling stone. Everyone has a different natural frequency or vibrational energy. The rock or stone you find in this manner will be naturally tuned to you. Everyone thinks or tells you that you have to have a beautiful perfect quartz crystal, but that isn't true. Different minerals have different vibrational frequencies and behave in different ways. I also have a form of the same gift and what you are doing is obtaining a filter. This empath stone is going to be your filtering mechanism and will match you and your energies. Leave it in your pocket and when you encounter a large group or a severe negative energy just grasp or touch it to tone down or block what is coming in. It is true that crystals can be used as receiving or amplifying tools, but that is not what you need in this situation. A strong empath needs to really tune or tone down what they are feeling not amplify it. Sometimes when I am forced to go into bad or really evil areas this is how I protect against attacks or energy drains. I deal with things that are very taxing on me sometimes and this has helped me. I hope it could possibly help you also. Now just to let you know I picked up probably 150 rocks or stones before I found the right one. I tried this with another person I know that is very spiritual and has Indian ancestors. She is Indian and also had done the same thing before I even met her. She gave me her stone to hold and it felt like ice in my hand. When she held mine she got the same affect. So I believe it proves my theory or rationale on different stones for different Empaths. Try it and you might find that it will help you. If nothing else it will help break your mental focus on what is happening. A lot of Empaths find it hard to break away or control their focus on receiving thoughts images and energies around them.

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