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What Psychic Ability Do I Have?


My expereinces began at the age of 5 or 6 when I woke up and could not breathe. My uncle came running into my room and ran outside for me to get air. I felt like I was being overwhelmed, a warning of some kind. A couple of days later the man next door to us was murdered, but it wasn't the fact that it actually happened, which was horrible but it was the fact that something horrible was in the house next door, I could feel it, a couple of years later another person was murdered and like the last time I could not breathe, that same feeling, that horrible feeling.

It will be 4 years later and I remember my mother went in to take a nap. The post arrived and like all children we leave it on a table or just leave it were it is but I heard a voice in my mind saying, "bring it in. Bring the post in now! I did, I brought the post into my mother even though I was enjoying my peace and time with the TV remote but I did what the voice said. I walked into my mothers room and was in shock to find that my mother fell asleep with a cigerette in her hand and the headboard which was plastic was melting and about to go on fire.

It will be 5 years later and I was in my room, writing my songs or writing poetry and my brothers room was next to mine. He was throwing a ball against the wall, annoying me as usual and it didn't matter how loud I shouted he would not stop. Another bang, another bang, I continued to ignore him, this went on for another hour. Then another bang. I heard that voice again in my mind, "go into him, go to him now! I did what the voice said. Even though I could of ignored these voices I didn't, I went into my brothers room and he was on the floor taking some sort of fit. I had to turn him on his side because he was choking on his vomit. Later that night we found out he fell off the top bunk of his bed and banged his head on the radiator.

My next experience came when I had my two little girls. My youngest was 1 year old and she was small that she could not reach the handle of the doors. She was sitting on the floor watching television and I went into the bathroom, suddenly I heard that voice again and it told me to go into the front room I did, with panic as I knew everytime I heard this voice it meant danger. I went in and my daughter was not in the front room where I left her, the voice told me to go to the window and I seen my daughter outside on the other side of the road, running with excitment as I chased her. How she opened the three doors to get outside is beyound me.

My next experience will be the death of my mother. She was just 43 when she died but this event will be the one event that will force my ability into full force. Thats when I developed empathy. My first experience with empathy came when I was sitting on a bus going somewhere and I looked out of the window and I saw a woman with a small boy walking, I instantly felt sad, alone, scared. I saw into this womans life and saw a vision of her kneeling down infront of her little boy and telling him in a rushed, scared voice to run upstairs to his room and lock the door. Her boyfriend or husband was coming in the door drunk or angry. To me, I felt he was hurting her, and she was trying to protect her son. This haunted me for along time.

The next experience came when my boyfriends sisters name came into my brain and I seen a vision of her at her kitchen table feeling down, alone, fed up. I instantly felt her emotion and decided to tell my boyfriends mother who said nothing to me. An hour later she told me, that she got a phone the night before saying that her daughter was depressed, and fed up with her relationship with her boyfriend. I now feel overwhelmed with everyones emotion and can see into their lives, which I am currently trying to find a solution on how to shield myself from this.

Two or three years after the death of my mother I was visited by her. I woke to find her sitting at the end of my bed with her back to me. She was wearing a green cardigan and had her hands gently on her lap. She did not look at me or say anything but I could feel her.

When I first met my boyfriend I came to his house for the first time. I sat on a single chair and I had a cup of tea on the arm of that chair. Suddenly an object rolled off the top of a tall cupboard beside me, onto the arm of the chair knocking my tea onto my lap, the tea wasn't that hot but I jumped up with such a fright. I picked the object up which it was a large thick candle with a man and dates on the front. My boyfriend explained that this was his older brothers candle, there was a picture of him on the front along with the date he was born and the date of his death. A couple of days later I spent the night at his house and I remember waking up to use the bathroom and I looked over and there was a man at the bedroom door. It was like he was looking in. I moved back into the bed and decided to wait until he was gone. I must of fell back asleep but the next day I was told that the only man in the house was my boyfriend and he was fast asleep in bed beside me. Whe I told my boyfriends mother she told me to describe him. I did. She told me that was her dead son, what I described to her like his clothes and jewellery she told me that that's exactly what he was wearing when he died.

I also remember two of my past lives. 1940 and 1800's. I have had visions of myself in these times.

I have had them experiences when I know when the phone going to ring and who it is, although I don't always get it right, when I sing a song I turn the radio on and the song is playing.

I could go into a lot more expereinces because there are loads but I would love it if someone can tell what type of ability I have. What should I do about it? Your help will be greatful

Thank You.

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Damien3214 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-11)
hi my names damien I'm 14 and I believe your an empath. Empaths can feel others emotions and sense things that are wrong in theyre life. You will be glad to know that theyre is a way to control this ability. You just have to search it up I'm pretty sure its on this site. Your powers is very strong and developed I think you should try to predict things and use your power whenever you can. If you keep progressing it you can help people and maybe even save lives.

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