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The Cellar Of Secrets I


It all started in the summer of 2012.

My friend and I, Anastasia are both Psychic. As child we have experienced what most people do not and that has made us even closer as friends. But our first true experience with Spirits together was the summer of 2012, in my cellar. You see, my cellar is not a basement. There's no warm feeling about it. The bare grey and dusty walls aren't welcoming. The floor boards are separated and as a child I remember having the fear of dropping my fish down between the boards when I would clean their bowls. There are many details and fears of the cellar but I won't bore you with them. Anyway, it was around 12:00pm Anastasia and I decided to do some spirit stuff. She was having me guess what her dead aunts name was when we both sensed something from the cellar. It was a cry. Not a cry for help or anything of that source, more like an invite to come to the cellar. Something was there. I always hated the cellar and was terrified of it. (I still am to this day) But we both went down and stopped as soon as we got to the landing of the steps. Suddenly I felt my legs get cold and start to tingle, my throat got tight and I felt as I was drowning I knew someone was watching us from a corner in the cellar. I was creeped out and wanted to run back up stairs, but Anastasia made me stay.

After a few more minutes she made the brave statement of saying "Who's down here?" instantly I got "Man." for some reason the spirit would reply to me, even when Anastasia asked the questions. Soon we had found it was a boy. About age 17. He has drowned in the ocean. We had found much about this spirit, except, his name. All while Anastasia was trying to find out some info I stood there staring into the darkness. I didn't tried to talk with the spirit at all. Finally, out of curiosity in my head I asked, "What's your na-" I didn't even finish what I was thinking and he said "Johnny" I spit it out at Anastasia and we both knew that was it. John is my fathers name but I didn't even consider I was thinking about him. I knew this was the spirits name.

Weeks passed and everyday for the summer of 2012 Johnny said good morning to me as soon as I awoke. I had know Johnny before, but not like this. I had always felt someone was watching me, protecting me, and now I knew who it was. Johnny and I have constant conversations. But one day when I was sad, I went to Johnny for comfort. But this time, no Johnny. I didn't sense him anywhere. I had no clue where he was or why he would leave. Something wasn't right. Months passed and still no Johnny. Something had replaced him, and it aimed to hurt me.

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JABC (1 stories) (14 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-14)
That's amazing I talk to girl spirit in my dreams but not a lot wen awake I sometimes hear her though. Anything you recommend to being able to talk to her while awake
Thimiz (1 stories) (24 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-13)
Maybe your kindness transcended him and he went to pass over into the next world, I would say that is the most likely alternative. I assume you feel a bit different as he's not there any more, but he might try to contact you if he can. Be open for it, and you'll see how it goes:)

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