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My name is Greicy married & mother this is a similar story to the rest in some ways since I was younger I have had normal dreams and ones with meaning, I once I had a dream were I was in my bed or room and the windows opened up and light came shining in (at night) and the wind starting calling out to my name, I woke up very scared but I never understood y although I had watched something similar but it sorta had a meaning to me like it felt real.

Then sometime later on the years I believe, a guy close to my family went to jail and 3 days before his release I had a dream he was playing poker with his friends all happy and I told my mom and then it was a surprise he got let out not even his family knew!

I always have feelings like once I was home my mom went to church and I blurted out I think moms on her way home my bros were like not even then I dismissed the thoughts next things I know she's knocking on the door,

Then a few weeks;like a month ago I had a dream were I was at a store and I was getting chased by some guys and I was subconscious and telling myself to run faster so they couldn't catch me and I made it to the other side and it's like I saw myself but I wasn't me anymore I was another girl who was running telling me she was scared then I woke up.

I don't really understand the reason for these things my cousin has a different version then me and my grandfather had telepathy and saw spirits I think it's family wise all though I don't know who else has this family wise,: I would like to now how I can develop this or even what it is,! Thank you:)

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