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Uncanny Feelings?


I'm 17 and I think what's been happening with me isn't normal in the worldly sense... Or I'm not sure what it really is.

I'm sorry its really long, well here are some of my experiences:

It started when I was roughly in grade 6, which was a few years ago. I started having dreams in which I used to see myself doing some stuff, and surprisingly, each and every time, they did become true. Either good or bad, I just couldn't control it. At the very beginning, I thought this was something and I'd just been imagining these. But after a while, when things started going crazy, I mean, I had this occurring repeatedly, I wasn't so sure.

The thing is that, its like, sort of, I see what's going to happen in future in my dreams and they become true. Exactly. Moreover, I noticed something that, whenever I actually told about these to my best friend, or someone, they didn't occur t all. Its almost like, my visions got holes in them. It freaks me out.

Once it happened, I saw that I was arranging my room. I had just picked up my blanket to fold it, and in that very moment, my dad rushed in and told me that he, my mom and my two other siblings had to go back to our home country (We're an expatriate) cause my maternal grandmom had some hemorrhage and I needed to stay back here since I had my pre-finals coming on next. I couldn't react but I sat down.

When I woke up, I was sweating and I was terribly afraid. I knew something was coming up and it was bad and my mom would be shattered. Some days later, I had almost forgotten the dream and those fears because my business for preparing for my exams. I woke up one morning and had started to study. I was taking a break to arrange my stuff and then we had a call from my uncle. It was almost as if I knew something had happened when the call came, and my mom cried out. I felt horrified and I had just picked up my blanket to fold and my dad came rushing through the door, and the rest happened the same as the dream.

Once I even saw the mathematics question paper of my board exam in my dream and I was stunned that, exactly, the same thing came up in my exams.

I don't know what to tell more because there's a lot more and I don't have the words.

Moreover, I also have this feeling when something is about to happen. Its like, my mind and even stomach warns me about something coming up.

Sometimes, I feel really secure in some places and sometimes, I feel like nauseous and scared as if some weird 'air' is around me.

Can anyone help me regarding these matters? What it really is or anything?

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Real-Helper (15 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-26)
I know what is going on with you.
You are medium, but it was spontaneous initiation.
And you are not ready to control it.
I can explane many strange things, but only private for you...
And also I can HELP.
More detales contact me.
Pavel_kravchukmn [at]

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