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When I was 21, I was in a serious (long-distance) relationship. He was the love of my life and did everything for me, even moved to Canada from England to be with me. A few months later, he was running out of savings and I was having problems of my own there, so we decided to move to London together.

Things were great, but after a while his father found out about our relationship. Apparently his family were strict Muslims, I didn't mind of course but he pressured us so much to move to their hometown near Manchester (blackburn... *shivers* scary little town) Once we visited his family there, and his father gave us a big bottle of water from a spring in Mecca, it had pieces of paper with Arabic writing inside of it. It was supposed to protect us and bless our relationship.

Meanwhile in London, there was always guys in gas masks, the trains were always stopping because of some suspicious package, and on the news we always heard London is the next target (plus if you read my story Torture in Dreams and Real Life, some other crazy stuff happened in London!), so with all this fear mongering it kind of got to us and we said, maybe it's safer to stay in Blackburn a while.

When we moved there, the family and relatives were nice except for his father (their relationship had been strained for years). His father had a good reputation in the community, but I just knew something was wrong with him, his soul was dark. One day, there was a well-known psychic coming from India, he was invited to their house when I was there. About 10 men from the neighbourhood went into the living room and locked the door. I was upstairs in the sister's room at the time wondering why everything was so secretive (now I know that psychic readings are forbidden in Islam). My boyfriend was called into the room to get a "reading" for 5 minutes and then told to leave. He said that somebody had a curse on us, so he wrote some Arabic on a tiny scroll, put it in a silver locket and we were told to wear it around our necks, so we did as instructed. Soon after, my boyfriend came to me shaken up one day because his father told him calmly, "she'll leave you in 6 months..."

6 months later, I was ready to get out of this place and go back to Canada. My boyfriend wasn't as warm and caring as before, even his sister thought something was strange. We were always arguing, which is strange because I never argue when I'm in a relationship, I'm usually a very calm person and hate wasting energy on arguing. One day, we were hanging out with his friend who can speak Arabic, and we asked him what's written on the scrolls we were wearing. When he read it he told us to go to the mufti (like a pastor) immediately.

He was shocked and didn't say what was written. The mufti said that whoever wrote the scrolls was out to break up our relationship. The man who was invited from India must've been hired to curse us. Also the water we drank in London made us sick. We threw the necklaces into the river. But the mufti said to escape black magic we need to be across the ocean, the effects will still be around us in England. So anyway I was sick of everything already and didn't care what the mufti said. I left my boyfriend and went back to Canada. He followed me the next day and everything was back to normal like before we went to Blackburn, but the damage was done and so was our relationship.

That's my story of the secret black magic against an unsuspecting couple!

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saveyoursoul (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-05)
Hi Ladies... I'm looking to put a hex on a male. Its a long story. I'm not crazy. I'm just desperate. Its very important I end up with this guy. His family hates me. Please help me. BTW I am muslim.
Mubashir (285 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-19)
[at] chuwie. I know that being curious is a good thing but there are things you should just leave alone. As you mentioned that you want to study dark magic, well you can get information about it but you can't practice it because its way too dangerous. Dark magic is a contract with devil that will grant a person great evil powers IF he is able to fulfil the conditions. If a person is unable to control dark powers or he refuses to practice further, he dies and go straight to hell. Dark magic is forbidden in Islam and maybe its forbidden in every religion. Many people try to practice dark magic and success rate is very small. Some die, some go insane. Well no one should take dark magic so lightly because its price is too high. I hope you are aware of these things so be careful. Take care and bye.
chuwie (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-19)
I'm new here, just for one reason, I have a tunis friend, and she told me bout arabic dark/black magic... I was intregued by this I searched everywhere, but I can not find the origin point of this magic things. Considering I do not believe in such things, I just want to study it, and try to clear it up, so she has a friend, her family name is Bidar, and she told me her ancestors were from a tribe or sub tribe who are able to do black/dark magic on people, now I'm trying to find out were this tribe could be, now I have searched everywhere, no results so far, I'm a bike traveller, and planning to go to north africa, and more or less planning this tribe in my journey, but reading this feedback and stuff above, I am not going to eat and drink what they will offer me... Hehe, and my curiousity tells me to find out more.
Thanks for even taking time reading this! And maybe feedback...
shalini (8 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-19)
I know exactly what the water was that he gave to you my dear. The Arabic writing is a black magic ritual used called 80/20 black magic muslim love and is used in Asian countries especially Pakistan and China.

What happens is that the Arabic writing is dissolved in water and then given to the person to drink. When the person drinks the water with the Arabic writing dissolved in it, that piece of paper grows hard in your loved one's stomach and the person has no more feelings for the person.

This is a revenge black magic love spell, so that your loved one loves you ony 20% and he will love another girl 80%. His ex-girlfriend from the past or some other past relationship a girl or boy who can't let go and still loves the person will do this act

I now this because a Pakistani man tried to give it to me to control my husband who is also from Pakistan, but as I am a Christian and extremely spiritual, I did not ever think about giving this to him, also my husband's ex-girlfriend gave it to him to drink and he was controlled by it, but because I fast and pray, I even know what his ex-girlfriend looks like even without seeing her, when I was fasting, her phone number and her name came in my vision.

If you read the qu'ran it is very difficult to get rid of this and people in Islam will say to read the qu'ran but I recommed that you go to a spiritualist and take a photo of your loved one, the reason I say this is because your loved one after drinking that water with the arabic writing their photo will be in a grave-yard somewhere and then his natural spirit is then controlled by a dead spirt in a grave-yard and he has no control over what he says or does and he will say things especially when sleeping things that either are not his natural voice and he will love you less and want to stay away from you.

It's not his fault he needs to be delivered from this eveil. I paid a spiritualist some money to break what had happened even when he went to the mosque he was controlled by a dead spirit from beyond the grave he cannot control it also because the arabic writing is inside his body and the dead spiit from beyond the grave operates through this.

Their soul is sold to the devil and that is done only by witch-craft so it needs to be broken.

Be careful some spiritualists rip you off with money and it is haram to do witchraft but it can be removed, I paid a spiritualists for my husband to break it, but they are expensive if you have their photo name and date of birth send it to a spiritualist it can be reversed.

A good web-site is

Break Hexes and curses, explain the situation and ask her to break it and block your loved one from it ever happening it again, it can be removed and you can get your loved one back.

Take care and god bless.

May (guest)
15 years ago (2007-09-08)
dear "iseedoors",
you mentioned in your arrticle "i see domlish doors" this:-
"She doesn't like talking about it, god bless the poor old deluded dear. (I pray to god she never reads this.)"
so this is the total oppossite of what you mentioned here in your comment. Any explenation? Just curious to know, nothing more or less...
May (guest)
15 years ago (2007-09-08)
"iseedoors", I read your comment, and I respect what you believe in, it is your own believe, but wouldn't you ever wonder, that if that is true (there is no God, and we will reincarnate-our soul will live again but in deferrent body) that the whole human beings started with two humans (a male and a female) and they "according to the instenct" reproduce and born children,and... Until we are all here, so the question will be that how could 2 souls become into more than millions of souls now?! Or if you will be thinking that some of the souls were somewhere in this universe, then who created them! Or who allows them to live again, or tell them it is your turn to enter that body! Or at least how they came?! The first thing to exist, how did it exisit by it self! I believe that God gave every soul a body to see what we will do with this body, some will chose to steel-using the hand of that body- others will deside to kill, rape, or do anythinf else, maybe to use drugs and damage this body, while on the other hand, others seems to take care of this body, the do good things, they never steel, or... And at the end, there is a God to judge us equally and will ask us what we did with the body he gave us, and according to that, and of course not only that, but with other stuff that all religions say what we should do and what we should not, what is good from bad, and these things... We will be reworded or punished.
If there is really no God, then imagin this situation(you are on a boat "alone" and this boat starts to sinks, until it sank, and you are now swimming in the middle of the ocean, middle of no where! You are tiered and you need help, but there is no living thing no human , nothing at all, from whom you will ask?! Will you by that, search for a creater to ask him? To pray to save you?
as I said, I respect what you believe, but it is just sometimes I wonder from those who don't believe in a God and I always wanted to ask them this, just curious to know what your point of view, or what do you think.
iseedoors (1 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-04)
i don't believe in god. I believe in the spirit realm and sort of "recycled spirits" if you will as in once you die you pass onto a differant body that is un-ocupied with a spirit (un-born baby)
Donta (guest)
15 years ago (2007-08-28)
Hey you two,

Ladies look now, your aguring over something important and something someone else religion go by. I'm Chirstian guy, I'm nice and I reason to both side of the story to become one. What you two need to do is talk to one other in the chat room and discuss what is true... And what you have heard. I don't like to see people fighting and I haven't read the whole discuss about you two comments, but I read the "black secert" and I would like to listen (or read LOL) to both sides.

just call me "PEACE-MAKER09"
May (guest)
15 years ago (2007-08-28)
hey Soma, I think that I owe you an appology too, bacause I let my anger control me and I judge you so fast!
anyway, Soma, there are muslims from all over the world, but not all of them can read or write arabic, specialy if they are not Arab, of course unless they learn Arabic.
and about the title been changed, ok I understand that it's not your fault...
about the jinn that is upsetting you in last ramadan, what about him? I could help you out if I know the enough knowledg about it so tell me plase, and if you want I can ask a "shekh" for an explination, or even my proffessor "he got hos PHD for Islamic religion", if you want to know...
Soma (3 stories) (12 posts)
15 years ago (2007-08-27)
Whoa May, youre assuming a lot of things. I only wrote about the black magic, I didn't want to put too much personal info up here. First of all when I submitted this story the title was "Secret Black Magic" but it was changed to "Muslim Black Magic" by the owner of this website. Theres no such thing as Muslim black magic.

I did come to Islam, and had a nikkah, but my husband was drinking and smoking weed and wasn't the best example(he still is doing those things). I was serious about entering Islam for a few years before I even met him, and always told my friends not to drink and to be good Muslims. Dating a nonMuslim should tell you in the first place hes not a practicing Muslim. Just because someone says theyre Muslim doesn't mean they are practicing Islam. We found a black magic book written in Urdu and English in his fathers room when we were helping him move. Us(the younger people) were really upset that the older people were just pretending to be good Muslims yet doing black magic. On the other hand most of the relatives were genuine Muslims who didn't do anything bad. And yes in Islam there is no magic. Thats why I say these people are not real Muslims. I know that it hurts when people are giving a bad name to Muslims, because I was a practicing Muslim for 3 years until I had a bad experience with a Jinn during Ramadan, which is considered impossible according to Islam. Its really unfortunate that I had that experience, because life as a woman is a million times better as a Muslim than in this Western world. Its hard but I can't lie to myself, I know what I saw, I experienced a really bad Jinn last Ramadan.

As for the mufti, I don't know about that, like I said I wasn't bothered because I was already fed up with the relationship. I don't know what was written on the paper. My ex is born in England but his family is from India. I'm sorry if I came across as trying to say something bad about Islam, that's the LAST thing in the world I would ever do!
May (guest)
15 years ago (2007-08-26)
hey soma, you know what it is either they did not tell you the truth and they want to scare you, or you are a lier!
i am a Muslim Arab girl, and guess what! I can tell you that we believe in magic that it does exist but we know it is forbidde for us to use! And we as a believers of one God, we fear his punishment and we seek his mercy, we never do bad thisng that are forbidden or things that hurt others! About this holy water, yes it is true to be holy! But sometime if the drinker is not a believer of one God (which we consider to be the true religion) then you might feel as if all this is something worthless! But I know one thing for sure that since your boyfriend is muslim maybe God wanted for him a good wife that could share his religion! And gave him a worning, though for your information, in Islam it is Not forbidden to mary a christian woman, or even a jew woman because we consider them to be the people of the holy book (but we know that they become lost) and we call them the heavenly religions, but since you are from Japan, if you are a worshiper of buddah or anything but God! Then in our religion, a muslim guy can not mary you, it is forbiddin unless you become muslim! So may be that's why his father wanted you to leave his son alone!
i can speak arabic, and you know what, the word "mufti" is a person who can answer things you might not know but that doesn't make him a religous man! And as I mentioned that in Islam we don't have magic becaues even magic should be written in latten, hebrew or seriana, or indian! Did you know that!
you are talking about Islam! One day you will wish you knew about Islam! I really wished you spoke something that could be true or at least believable, go ask any muslim about magic and see what they will tell you!
oh one more thing! Is your boyfriend from Indoniesia, or any far east country? Because if so then that might be true that he did a magic, because in those countries befor the people of it become muslims they used to do magic, they learned it from indians long time ago, so if he is from far east countries then it is possible to do magic because as I said knew it long time ago, and some of them who did not enter Islam, still work in it, and those people who their faith is week, thehy might had learned it again, but Islam has worned people from that, because if they ever do magic, then they will never enter heaven, and they will go to hell, and will not consider as muslim, because one of the things a man need to do to be considered a muslim is to believe in faith and not do magic! Otherwiese he is not a muslim,, tell your boyfriend that! Anyway for any comment from you or any one read this and what to ask more please you are welcome to send me on my e-mail (mk.guitar [at] oh, and please if you can send me the words that you claim to be an arabic words and I will translate them for you.
waiting for your reply

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