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I have been having psychic dreams and incidents since around the age of 8. I still remember the first psychic dream I had around that age. I dreamed there was some sort of scare at school and they ushered us out of school across the street to a car lot; that same day someone called in a bomb scare and we were ushered out across the street at a car lot. There have been many other dreams since then. Two days before 9/11 happened I saw three planes crashing into the ground in my dream. I didn't think much about it but when 9/11 happened I wondered if I had been given some sort of sign. I have had two incidents in my life where I saw someone's face start literally melting. I chocked it up to my contacts given me trouble at the time, but everything else looked normal. Within a week the person who's face I saw melting died. The day before my dad died, when I was 12, I was having major anxiety and demanded my mom take me to see my father. She tried to call, no answer. Then she assured me everything was alright but she was highly concerned about my anxious ridden behavior (to the point she almost took me to the ER thinking I swallowed something). Mind you, my dad was pretty healthy and his death was a shock to everyone. I still have psychic dreams, mostly small incidents. Last year I dreamed of a terrible hail storm that broke car windows, house windows, etc and four days later such a storm happened with enormous damage. Lately my marriage has been failing and I have been having a dream of an angel with red flowing hair, blue aura and an amazing flowing white dress. She told me of things I need to do to fix my marriage and it is working. She told me we (my husband and myself) were "meant to be together" that we are "soul mates" and that God doesn't make mistakes. Am I nuts? Why Me?

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Thimiz (1 stories) (24 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-13)
Why not you?:)
A native american once questioned the west's need to analyze rather than go with the flow, our mind can turn itself inside out if we push it into unknown boundaries questioning things we may not really need answers too.

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