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I've posted two stories now and in the last story I posted someone told me I should reinact the night that this girl was in my house. I reinacted it perfectly that night and nothing happened so I tried the following night. Nothing happened again so I thought maybe I was just seeing things. After nothing happened for a few days I thought nothing was actually going on and that it was all in my head.

I was wrong yesterday I came home from school to find my front door unlocked. This is strange because I was the only person home. So I looked around for my family but no one was home. I went downstairs into the kitchen and made myself some toast for food until my mother came home. So I walked back upstairs and my front door was now wide open. I walked over and closed the door but heard a faint whisper behind me. I turned around as fast as possible but no one was there. I sat down on my sofa and turned the tv on. When it turned on the Chanel was fuzzy and it didn't seam to have signal but the signal indicator was full. I got up to see what was wrong when I felt a heavy force on my chest pushing me back onto the sofa.

I felt pinned to the sofa and was unable to move. In the corner of my eye I saw something move. It was the girl. She walked towards me and stuck her hand out in front of her towards where the force was coming from. Slowly it started to feel lighter, up until the point wher I was able to move. She walked towards the door so I got to my feet and over to her. I confronted her about the night she was in my house and she told me she wasn't there. I asked her who she was and she said she was no one important. And when I asked her why she was here. She didn't answer so I asked again but she looked towards the ground. I put my hand on her arm and asked again but she grabbed my hand and I felt a sudden cold chill. I fell to my knees and I must have fallen unconscious but she was gone when I woke up.

This is really getting too much for me to handle I think I may need to get some help from a psychiatrist or see a psychic about what is going on. Someone help.

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Pixxiii (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-19)
When you say the girl was there, was she real or a spirit? It sounds like she was a real person in your house, in which case you need to call the police and have her charged with breaking and entering. Maybe she is possessed by an evil spirit?

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