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Is Something Bad Going To Happen? What Is He Telling Me?


Before I go into details about the experiences, I have to tell you this.

Before I moved to where I am now, I had a close friendship with one of the boys at school. I moved away before I got the chance to say goodbye.

About three years from now, and since then, I have been getting dreams from his spirit saying that something bad is going to happen to me. This is where the strange occurrences start.

There were a collection of them I remember, so I will only tell a few for now.

Most, if not all, of the dreams come out to be real. From little things like someone saying something or as big as a fight going on at school, they become reality. I have been having this a couple years after the big move, and it started around the time when I had dreams with my close friend.

One, I remember very clearly, was him teaching me how to have lucid dreams. It was an ability that I wanted to learn so I can replicate real-life situations, and be immortal to injury if I do get hurt.

I remember walking, almost running as if I was trying to escape, and stood on the edge of a broken wall. When I looked down for a split second, I could tell I was about ten stories high. Something told me to fly. I whispered "fly" to myself and jumped out. I was actually levitating and was able to fly in the air with control. This repeated about 10 times before I woke up and had that "falling feeling". My arms and legs were sore soon afterwards, as if I was doing that in real life.

That was a few months ago.

Now, my friend is teaching me how to defend myself. I don't know why, but apparently he wants to make sure that I am prepared... For something.

I felt like I was playing those old Tower Defense games, except the only person guarding the house, (which happened to be the same house that I grew up in before the move) was me. I was the only one there. I saw some rough-n-tough looking people appearing me, and I could feel my friend's "spirit" behind me, as if guiding me. I fought through them, all on instinct. I did get struck a few times, but I was used to so many nightmares that I was used to it. Since you never get hurt when you are dreaming.

Now, I know that this is not a dreaming site. But, this one dream did affect my skills in real life. By a long shot.

My self-defense skills increased significantly, making me able to block and counter any thing coming towards me. I actually had a practice fight with one of my close friends (No, both of us were not hurt.), and my skills have improved since the last time I have ever fought. My hand-eye coordination used to stink, now, even a week after the strange dream, it is sharp.

I have a feeling that my friend's spirit is telling me, through dreams, that he is preparing me for a chaotic event in the future.

What exactly it is, I have no idea. One thing I did promise him was to only use these skills for self-defense only, and not to cause a fight.

I know what the dreams mean. But the only thing confusing me is 1) Why is his spirit talking directly to me and not to anyone else? ~ and 2) What am I supposed to do? Ever since the experience, I have felt stronger and more free-willed to not being afraid of a fight, but I hate fighting and only do so if someone's life is at risk. Please, can someone explain what he could be trying to tell me? I tried asking my friend, but I was always drawn back more towards the "training" than the questions.

Any advice? Any similar experiences to this is gladly appreciated! If I got you confused on anything, please comment below and I will clarify. Thank you for reading my story.

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Nikkiblue (1 stories) (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-14)
Have you tried asking your friend what he is preparing you for, or if he is preparing you for anything? If that is possible you could do that.

If that isn't possible, and you can control you dreams well, ask to see your angel or spirit guide and maybe they can give you some clarity.

If none of this works, and you get no answers after asking, the only thing I can say is, maybe it is better that you don't know what you are being prepared for.

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