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I Thought They Went Away


For a bit of background, I am 18 and in my final year of high school, my father is a succsesful businessman and my mother is an alcaholic.

I started seeing visions in my dreams at the age of 5, I have very few childhood memories, but I always remember my visions, 13 years later I can recall my first visions as if I had them today.

So for a bit of evidence that I'm not attention seeking the afore mentioned vision involved my grandmother, she was healthy at the time, however in the vision she was wearing white robes (the normal garments you would wear in a hospital before been operated on) and I was running through a long white corridor searching for her, eventually I found a door that I opened, when I entered I watched her (sorry, my visions can be quite graphic at times, but it won't make sense if I'm not honest here) saw her own head off, she waved at me smiling almost as if saying goodbye, needless to say 4 or 5 years later my grandmother moved out of her retirement village with my grandfather and into a new one in Durban (which is an extremely hot area) she suffered from a stroke, however refused to leave Durban, and she suffered another stroke, she eventually was put into frail care, when we went to visit her the corridors were long and white, and we (my family and I) got lost but eventually asked for help, when I saw her she had lost her normal cognitive ability and was trapped between her past and her present, often hallucinating and assuming she was a nurse in WW2 again, but when she saw me and smiled, she gave me a R10 note and told me to go get myself something to drink and waved goodbye, smiling at me as I left, she died shortly after when she suffered another stroke.

For more evidence I predicted my parents divorce, it started with dreams of my father hoping after my mother, however she ignored him and kept looking at him like dirt, I was sitting in my bed in the vision, the next vision been my mom and dad agreeing to meet up for lunch, when arriving at the restaraunt she ran away trying to take me with, driving off, I cried that we couldn't leave my dad behind and so jumped out the car and ran back to my dad, so long story short the ecentual outcome was that my mother refused to acknowledge my dads love for her and they got divorced, as she claimed that he was cheating (but that's not important right now) I moved in with my mom, but a year later she crashed her car while driving under the influence, I was in the car and I moved in with my dad, she moved away and I haven't seen her in 5 years.

My visions dissappeared between the ages 7 and 13 but as of late they've become more frequent, mostly involving me, but what got me worried that they were more than just coincidences, I had visions again and 1 was very specific, I kissed my girlfriend good night one evening and we went to bed, that night I dreamed that everytime I sat down next to her in her lounge she would move to a different couch, and eventually broke up with me, I didn't think anything of it, but 2 weeks later (I had gone hunting for a week) I went to visit her, everytime I sat down next to her on a couch she got up and moved to a different couch, she eventually broke up with me that night,

I have had more and more visions as of late, I have predicted ALL my relationships as of late and their eventual end, I have seen a girl reject me despite having the exact opposite impression been given off (late night discussions going from 2 in the afternoon to 5 in the morning, all the normal things that happen when 2 people appear to be interested in each other, we spent afternoons together etc...) And I eventually asked her out on a date, however the night I asked her out I had a dream that she would tell me that she wants to be friends, I had dreamed earlier this year that exact situation and how the date would go, I didn't even think about it until after the dream I had mentioned came to fruition, I wouldn't think anything of it if I hadn't predicted every little detail about the date, 8 months before I even though of asking her out.

So now what has me worried and if anyone has answers for me is how can I tell the difference between a real vision, a warning and just a dream.

I thought my visions had gone away, why have they come back?!

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RainbowSerpent (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-15)
It's hard to tell why visions would come back, but the only thing you can really do is learn to recognize a vision. Which happens to be your question.

I personally advise you to start a dream journal. Write down every dream you had that you can remember, and then when you wake in the mornings, you write down your dream. Eventually, you might be able to start seeing a pattern develop. This pattern may help you see when you have a precognition dream, or just a normal dream. If your dreams are vivid, that could be a sign that it is significant and may be a vision (But that is just my own experience).

You could try to look into Precognition, and find information reguarding it.

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