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Quick And Flashing Thoughts Will Later Occur In Relaity


I am 19 year old girl currently in college and for many years, I have had psychic tendencies but never put thought into it. For the past 5 years or so I have put lots of thought behind what could be going on. I will have a very RANDOM (emphasis on random since it is vital to my experiences) thoughts, usually when I am awake and very occasionally while I am asleep... Then it occurs within real life. I do not predict the future, but related scenarios will occur. These thoughts just pop into my mind with no triggers or visual cues. These thoughts are definitely from an outside source because I feel such energy when then come to my mind.

I should tell you all that these things I think of are oddly specific which makes me notice them more then other day dreams. They are not of bad or negative experiences, more just odd weird mundane things.

Usually if I think of a person or a event in my personal life, their name or the event will be brought up in conversation within the next 24 hours- a week. This happens several times a week, so I know it is not a "once in a while" by-chance thing.

Here is a REAL example that happened last week so you all can better understand what I mean: So has anyone ever heard of Thomas Rhett? Well he is a singer and not even my favorite singer, I do not ever listen to music honestly. So It would be very odd for me to think of a singer/person that I never listen too, have not heard their name/music in months, right? But I thought randomly one morning while doing home work "what if Thomas rhett and his girlfriend had a child?"... Isn't that odd? So a few hours later that day, while scrolling through Facebook I saw a video of Thomas rhett and his girlfriend cutting a gender reveal cake of their baby! It was a girl ha ha. But overall my point is that there was not way for me to know that and then a related situation occurred.

My question is: Is there anything in the psychic community that sounds like my situation? I really do not "sense" things, I clearly get powerful random ideas in my head then some RELATED situation will occur in reality, its always something related to my thought. IF there is, I would love to explore it further and develop any other abilities I can.

If anyone can help or provide insight, that will be SO helpful and very very appreciated!

-C. (no judgement about my example please, I know it sounds a bit odd but It was the best one for you to understand!)

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Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-13)
Hi cep,

In the beginning of my psychic life, I had random visions too. I think it's just a way for the psychic ability to fine-tune itself so you can receive messages with higher accuracy and with that comes higher importance (less random). Then comes the next step for you, which is when you are taking an active part in the receiving. You mentioned that you both receive messages in sleep state and awaken state but mostly in awaken state. For me it's the opposite. I get most of my premonition in dreams (and deep meditation). But I don't think that matter when it comes to receiving random images that you mentioned about. So to take a more active part in receiving, you simply ask questions in your mind. For me since I am more receptive in the dream state, I ask questions before I fall asleep and receive answers in dreams. So try that and see how it goes.

I hope that helps a little.

starsofclay (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-03)
I have had similar experiences. It's hard to tell if it is claircognizance or clairaudience. But there have been several times when I am at work or home and a thought will pop in my head before someone else says the exact same thing out loud. It's been too long now since that last occurrence that I can't remember exactly what was said, but every time it happens, it's pretty profound. Lately it's more of an idea than an exact phrase, for example, I may be talking with a coworker about something, and think that they should do a certain thing, but not say it, only to hear them announce that idea themselves seconds later. One could say that it could just be from knowing that person too well, but when it happens, it doesn't feel like that.

Also, I do get hit with the typical thinking of a song before turning on the radio and there it is. Like you, I also don't listen to music very much, especially the radio, so that is why those moments stand out.
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (108 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-02)
There is a belief in a universal or shared common collective knowledge. Like every bit of information or thought from everyone past present and future is stored and resides in the aether around us. Even information from the world around us in water, Trees, plants, animals and residual energies from life situations that happened already. The belief is that some people can access little bits of it here and there. I am sure you have heard of Deja vu. Kinda like that but way before it happens. Some times just chalked up to intuition.
There are many descriptions and subcategories but that is for another time. It is late and I need sleep. Have fun researching.

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