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Empty Water Bottle


I had submitted this story back in 2012. I had no response and am not sure if it is because no one had an answer for me or I had posted my story in the wrong category. So, I will post my story one more time.~~~ A friend of mine passed away several years ago unexpectedly. Because I did not have a chance to say good-bye I said a prayer for her. The morning after my prayer I had a dream of her and she was apologizing to me, told me she had spoken badly about me to someone but that she did not mean to. She said she wanted the attention from this person. In the dream I had told her I forgave her. During the second day of my friend' passing I received around 4 to 5 phone calls. I would answer the phone and hear nothing. My phone has caller I.D. On it but during this time no name appeared, nothing at all. The third day my friend came to me again, I was not asleep, she came to me when I was in a daydream. I told my deceased friend that I needed proof other then what I was receiving to convince me that it was really she. (Because of the phone calls I had received, I decided to do research on the topic of spirits and phone calls. During that time I had stumbled across information that ghost/spirits were attracted to water). Therefore, I had asked my deceased friend to show me a sign with water. A day or two after, I went to the store for groceries and to get a new water bottle for my dispenser at home. A friend and I put the water bottle on top of the dispenser and I had made juice with it before going to bed. I went to work in the morning. After work, I picked up my children from school and returned home. I proceeded into the kitchen and noticed the water bottle was somewhat tilted. My heart almost jumped from my throat! The full bottle of water that I purchased the night before was empty! And not one drop of water was found on the floor. Everywhere was dry! No one else had the keys to my house. As well, how is it possible for the water to dry up completely in 10 hours time. And why would someone want to drain my water bottle, the bottle water is quite heavy. I think it could have been a sign from my friend. If anyone has had a similar experience please share it with me. I know I had experienced this for myself but I am still in disbelief.

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Mistynightblues (2 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-02)
Thank you Anne for responding to my story. You are right! What more did I need to experience to believe that my friend had contacted me. I think what use to happen was when I shared my story with others they would be in disbelief. Then I would start to look for other logical reasons as to how this could have happened. Lol
Thanks for responding!
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2013-12-12)
I'm not sure how many more 'signs' you need to suspend your disbelief but I'd say it's safe to say your friend made contact, with each phase getting stronger because you wouldn't believe the prior ones (dreams, then the phone calls, and finally with the Pièce de résistance being the water battle episode).

Sorry for your loss. But how wonderful that this contact was made and that your own consciousness has expanded because of it.


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