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Water Dreams Signs And Me


When I want water, example like my body is drying up and my throat feels so dry and when I'm about to pass out the air feels so chilly and the sky is starting to go dark and when it started to rain I feel like I was watered from deep inside. If I don't let any part of my body go wet I feel empty and I feel so dizzy.

And sometimes when we go to any bodies of water. I feel like the water is calling me. When I touch the water I feel some kind of current it's not just the water current and when I ask someone if they felt it too they just say "are you crazy? You're a freak". And if the water is clearer the stronger the current it depends on what bodies of water I'll be touching.

Sometime when I dream about drops of water the dreams that will follow will come true the following week or the next day so I must be careful when I dreamed of someone suffering from pain or any accidents because I could only dream I don't have any power to prevent it from happening.

And when I have something that I can't shake off my mind like an urge that I must bring the thing I saw awhile ago I ended up regretting why I did I not bring it and sometimes oh! Not just sometimes every time its driving me crazy when I feel negatively charge aura behind me or in front of me it is a sign that my dream will come true or something bad will truly happen.

Every time I wake up in full moon thirsty you will never like being with me the next day because terrible bad luck will be with you throughout the day. You really want to be with me when the moon is almost fading because you well be in very good luck.

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Madara (guest)
9 years ago (2012-09-04)
You seem to have a "connection" with water. Have you ever tryed out hydrokinesis? Maybe that can explain this. It is the manipulation with the water element and to manipulate it you must first connect with it and from what I understand you already have. You get easily empowered by it's energy (ki). The current you feel in water is that energy.
The dreams that come true is Precognition. Seeing the future in your sleep. There isn't any way from stopping the events.
It isn't rare for someone to have strange experiences like bad luck from the moon. You see, the technique that manipulates negative energy (as well as bad luck) is called Lunarkinesis. Lunar means of the moon, or something that has to do with the moon. I can't say much more about this because I'll get in trouble but it's not rare that good people have bad luck from the moon.

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