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Am I An Empath Or Sherlock?


I am a shy and quiet person and very much enjoy my own company and solitude. I tend to dislike people and have only a handful of people that I can actually call friends. Affection and emotion isn't something that comes naturally to me and I tend to be happiest when on my own or in a small crowd. I was recently told that I may be an empath. I had never heard of this before and the more I read up on it the more confused I become. I think I may just have very acute powers of deduction (like Sherlock) but I have experienced the following:

I tend to generally know how someone feels, but unlike an empath I don't feel it as if I were that person. I just feel it. And have done from a very young age. When I was 8 my grandfather died, I told my Mum that my grandmother was waiting to die and 5 months later she died from a broken heart, emotionally and physically speaking (she had angina) From a very young age I would often become distressed at movies or TV shows especially if they involved animals. Dumbo for instance still makes me rather hysterical as I can feel how upset I was watching it when I was 5 years old all over again. I also have the ability to know what someone is thinking (or roughly.) A word or a colour or a name will flash in my head and if I were to ask the person next to me if that meant anything to them then often they would say yes. They tended to be thinking about something to do with the word etc that flashed in my head.

The main thing though, which I experience is dreams. I regularly dream about things that are real. The dreams are often distressing and I usually hate going to sleep. Examples include:

When I was 15 I was awoken around 3am to the sound of running water. Whenever I moved towards the source of the sound it would seem to get further away. I for instance checked the bathroom and kitchen taps but found them all to be completely off. I woke the next morning to find out that a close flat mate had died by drowning.

My grandfather when in the early stages of dementia used to become distressed when he realized that his Mum was dead (she had been dead for almost 60 years). He wanted my Mum to take him to her grave but my Mum didn't know the exact location of her grave. Later that week I dreamt where the headstone was and on accompanying my Mum to the cemetery led them both straight to it. I have never been there before. In my dream I was calm and quite peaceful.

The most upsetting dream I had was when I was living in New Zealand. A beautiful darling baby had gone missing from her back garden. People thought she had been snatched. After a few days of her messing I dreamt that she was somewhere cold and wet and woke the next day to hear on the news that her wee body had been found in a storm drain. I was devastated and overcome with grief.

These are just few examples and to me they do seem rather coincidental. Or is that just the skeptic in me saying don't believe it?

Your thoughts, wisdom and guidance would be very much appreciated.

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rmms123 (1 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-05)
Well as I said before, I don't have much experience on this either but the thing about the oven being on fire and you having a feeling of doom, I think all of these clues point straight to premonition. Premonition is the ability to sense something that could happen. So not precognition when you dream almost exactly what could happen but premonition which is just a sense. I personally don't have premonition I have precognition but I guess sometimes depending on the situation premonition could com win handy! Like when you were out with your friends. Anyway hope this helps!
Amaterasuomikami (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-04)
Thank you for your reply. I admit that some of my dreams do seem coincidental. I am not scared or worried as such however, at the time depending on the dream I can feel a little distressed.

To answer your question... I haven't had any dreams that depict something which is going to happen in great detail. It tends to be weird circumstances within the dream, such as the running water when my class mate died. I had no way or knowing he was going swimming or that he was swimming that day.

There have been other instances where I am confused as to whether or not I had some sort of pregognitive experience or if it was just indeed my gut instinct.

For example I was in a night club with my girl friends and we were dancing and having fun when all of a sudden I had this overwhelming feeling of imminent doom. Something told me I had to go home immeditaley. On returning home I discovered that my partner had fallen asleep whilst cooking a pizza in the oven and the oven was on fire.

Thank you.
rmms123 (1 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-04)
Hi Amaterasuomikami, I get the same thing and it can sometimes be quite scary! It seems you have precognition, or at least the dreaming part is precognition. I'm not really very experienced with all this stuff but the advice I can give you is not to get worried. I know its quite scary but don't panic. As far as I'm aware you can't stop yourself from getting these dreams. One question though... Have you ever dreamt in detail about something that's going to happen, or is it just a rough dream that is quite possibly linked to the thing that's about to happen? It is quite possible that you've been thinking about this stuff (the girl disappearing thing for instance) then just dreamt about it and happened to be almost correct. Anyway hope this helps! If you have any questions just ask!

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