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How Do I Make The Visions Come More?


I don't know when this started but it's been going on for a while! I felt weird like I was the only one but I read a story about another 13 year old that had the same experience. I am Taylor, I am 13 and I see visions of the future, I remember some of these kinds of experiences. But barley, one time I was sitting in my room doing my home work and I saw a little clip in my head. It was me sitting in my class room not sure what room, I have never seen it in my life! But it was me sitting there and a girl teacher with long brown hair and brown eyes she said "Taylor good job you got a good grade in your quiz" and then it just. Vanished. I was like "um okay?" and then 2 weeks after high school started, that exact scene happened! I was thinking Oh my gosh! But another day the most current one that happened was I was with my mom shopping and I and another clip played in my head. I saw a Young man with a Skinny girl next to him and a sign by the man it said "welcome home Dan!" and the girl next to him had short brown hair and green-blue eyes! He came to me and said "Taylor! It's good to finally see you! It's been a long time! I missed you baby girl" and then it went away! And just yesterday I went to my grandmas cause my cousin Danny was coming back from the Army he's been gone for 5 years! And there standing before my eyes was the man I saw 2 days before in my vision with the woman with the short brown hair and Green-Blue eyes along with the sign. It was my cousin Danny! I would have known it was him but he looked so different than he did 5 years ago, and his wife was the woman, she is so pretty but that was the most recent one. But I want to Enhance this so called "gift." I think it could help me in some situations! If you have had a similar thing than comment! Please, and if you enhanced yours somehow. PLEASE! Tell me how!

-Thanks! Taylor <3

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Nagual (guest)
12 years ago (2012-10-01)
Find a reason for the powers to appear... Like walking, the only way most people practice walking is finding a destination they which to go. So creating a course for your actions, creates enthusiasm, will to go there:)

Your imagination is a great support. It can be as a dream, if you avoid paying attention to your mind labeling everything. When we sleep, our imagination is free to roam the sky. But the second we wake up and use our mind to analyze our dream, it will go through the minds filter.

Practicing on expanding your mind with daydreaming is perhaps the best way to improve on psychic abilities. For it starts in the imagination.
benitezd777 (2 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-06)
Same here, I have the same thing happen to me but I'm not sure either. I have deja vu like that but I also have deceased people come talk to me. Maybe someon with more experience will hopefully comment and help the both of us. I know that meditating causes visions to come more clearly and peaceful. Meditation might help you too.

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