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I have been seeing faces for some months now as described before just before sleeping they come to me. Always people I do not recognise and never any one from my family or friends that have passed on. I have never been religious or ever believed in an after life and these visions are never frightening. They are men and women of all ages and do not seem to have any expressions. I cannot will them to come and it does not happen every night. The other night I saw another vision which has never happened before. I was just on the verge of sleeping when I saw a grey land with many floating figures (no faces). This land seemed to go on forever and was very barren, this dream or vision lasted for about 5 minutes and was quite graphic and scary and I was wondering if anyone else had seen this as it was different from the usual faces. I don't know what other's think but do you think this could be a land where people have not quite passed over and are just floating in limbo. I would really like to explore this more as it is beginning to change my opinion of an afterlife! Perhaps these are people who have died before they are ready or in tragic circumstances and that by appearing to us they are trying to communicate that they need help in leaving this limbo state. I wouldn't know where to start and have considered a spiritualist church. The only thing that prevents me is that I don't want to get drawn into the religious aspect of churches! I would like to hear from anyone that has been and what their experiences were.

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hrk (guest)
10 years ago (2014-01-08)
I see these faces, too. Right before I fall asleep. Except mine are always of men and boys of all different ages.

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