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The Land Between Sleep And Awake


Ever since I was young, as I was drifting off into sleep suddenly in the middle of the night I would suddenly SHOCK myself awake, although I had heard nor seen anything. (This was when I was fully asleep & at the age of about 9+). Then, in the beginning of my teens, I swore to myself I could hear things (the wind? Floorboards?) I mean it's a child's prerogative to immediately assume something spooky, so I convinced myself I was being stupid (there's no such things as ghosts and there's nothing in the wardrobe). So I put on my headphones and listened to music, only to drift off into some limbo between being asleep and awake that I could no longer hear my music (on full blast) coming through the headphones.

Most of the time I was unaware (don't ask me how) but sometimes, although its hard to explain, I was kind of semi-aware that I could no longer hear my music, until suddenly in the state of what I can only describe as some sort of nexus. A loud shout would shock me awake and my music would be thumping through my ears again.

As the years have passed it's gone from being silent, then I would hear muffled words from a distance and now I can hear full sentences and can clearly hear accents and whether it's a female or male, and I don't like it at all. My mum reads tarot and she has told me stories about my grandparents and although I am not at all knowledgeable about anything supernatural, all I know is that I hear things when half asleep. It's progressing and I don't want to know what it could progress to next.

I have no shame in saying that it scares me sometimes. The things I hear that is. Whether this is some sort of supernatural psychic thing or in my mind, I'm either crazy or haunted or something. So for a while now I have been searching the internet for a forum site to share my experiences with and tell my stories to, and ask for advice if I need to. I hope you enjoyed reading the short version story of my land between sleep, and I just hope that I'm not crazy.


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aron (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-30)
Hi Ben,
I wish I could start my own post, however site is down for that. However I was simply going to ask to you and others here. How would one know if these voices clearly entities on another level, mean any harm? I do not get clear sentences or the feeling of anyone around me. My feeling during these episods are not filled with any one emotion, as in feeling terror or joy. Just feeling of being heavy like you would be during a test, I'm asleep yet not? Trance I suppose, I can see the room I can't move my eyes however I know from memory I can see which ever way my head is pointing at the time, first time I was staring at my dresser however not fully awake. The voices I hear would be, they are not clear, muffled. Can't pick out a single voice to know what they are speaking of, it's like a vass endless sea of voices. That's what scares me that there are millions at once I can hear, but not able to listen to one.

Any advice?
Thank you.

Little background, I had other experiences as child, seeing figures and like sparkles of globes around people. I brushed them off as being "floaters" as my eye doctor said however knowing what floaters are now, that's not what they were, they were bright lights floating around certain people. I used to complain about a green "leaf like" form when I was about 4 or 5 which I still remember vividly. At the time I honestly do not know what I thought it was but I would complain to my mother "Would you get that leaf out" it would spin and move from couch to couch. It used to move around during the mid day and early mornings. Those faded as I got older. Around 15 I had a awakening? I'm still not sure what, however I went to bed, awoken and I was, I don't know how to describe where however I know there was an intense love, warm feeling, and surrounded by a pure white bright light. However something or someone pulled me and I was soon awake on my bed, which was extreme opposite of this, cold, not feeling alone like being watched. I was awake and as I sat up I not only felt but seen (a lowering of the bed and sheets but not a figure) and heard that side of the bed as when someone would sit down creaking of the mattress, something sat on the bed on the corner. I just froze not knowing what to think. Next thing I knew/seen was my bed sheet move up and I felt a hand on my leg. I do recall being frozen in fright however do not remember what happened after I felt the hand. I awake that morning knowing I was not sleeping in that bedroom ever again. That was the last time until 4 months ago have I expereinced anything supernatural, paranormal or just loosing it.
micjack (2 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-03)
Hi Ben,

I am glad I saw your story. Do not be afaid about being crazy for my husband and I started to hear them before going to sleep but we could not tell if they were male or female it only sounded like a people at a party, which it's quite imposible in our case to hear due to where we live. To make things even more interesting my husband works in law-enforcement,so no you are not crazy. How ever be aware and be carefull because the direction you will last hearit come from something will come into your room; it happened to us. I have just placed part one of my story called:Truth: and plan to place the second part as soon as the!st makes it out there.
Take care Ben.
AlexB24 (3 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-19)
I sleep next to a table that has my lap top and speakers set up on it. Last night, I woke up suddenly for no apparent reason, however, I wasn't what you would call awake. I could see the room around me, feel the blankets, but there was a heaviness about me that I cannot explain. To make things even more odd was that there was music playing through my speakers, although my computer was not on. At first it was a man singing, I could do nothing but lay and listen, the whole time thinking "My speakers aren't on, why is there music?" Then a womens voice started to sing, almost choir like. It was beautiful. I can't say I felt threatened, and I even tried to get myself up to write down the lyrics, but again, this heaviness pressed down on me and I could not so much as lift my body. The best way I can describe it to say that I felt like I was in some type of trance. I was aware of my surrounding and coherent enough to know that I wasn't fully asleep and not able to "snap" myself out of it. Its not the first time I have "woken" up in this state, but this is the first time that I have heard voices, and singing voices at that! Creepy, yes, but in the same breath it is humbling. To know that there are forces at work out there that are stronger than us and that we know virtually nothing about is amazing. Hope you enjoyed my story!
siren1021 (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-12)
I just found your story and it's kind of a relief. I felt like my Mom and I were the only ones. We too hear those voices in that almost deep sleep state. In the past I have had many O.B.E but it wasn't until I became pregnant that my "ability" or whatever it's called really intensified. I am not so much afraid of the "hello" types as I am the deep, only can be described as evil and dark voices. I've had one even scream "BOO!" and felt the breath and it sounded like it was right in my face, pressed up against my nose. They're the ones that scare me awake. I take melatonin and sleep with lights on or a disney movie going to drown them out. Does ANYONE have any idea of what kind of help or any other advice to give me? And as I've said, my
Mom has the same experiences. She has always dreamed things and they've come true, but her hearing voices talking/whispering in her ear is pretty new. And for both of us, this goes on every night.
amOreo (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-29)
Wow. I appreciate someone writing their experiences with this. I have had this happen to me, but I had never thought more of it to the point where I had looked it up. I don't have anything as prominent as Rachel24, but I do have this happen, at least twice a week. I have a hard time getting to sleep, so I normally just disregard it as being too tired to function normally. I will admit that at times I thought it was more, but as I'm still learning about my own "abilities", I'm afraid to sound as if I'm crying 'wolf'. Is there any way to do this regularly, like a form of meditation?

❤ amOreo
Rachel24 (3 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-20)

My name is Rachel. Yes, I've heard and even seen things too. I've done a little research online and saw that it is called hypnogogia. Hypnogogia is when you are on the border between sleeping and being awake. It is perfectly normal to experience that. I actually experience every night. Whenever I am about to go to sleep, I hear sounds and also see things. I have an experience from my journal from today actually that I'd be willing to share. No with hypnogogia, immages are weird and sometimes very difficult to describe. I am not imagining them in my mind's eye. I am actually seeing them. I usually close my eyes when attempting to lucid dream or astral project and yet, I can still see these things. So, here's the experience from my journal.

I laid down in my bed to attempt to astral project. I was relaxing for a while. While I was relaxing, I told myself I wanted to leave my body. I was aware of all the kinosthetic sensations. At first, I felt a wave of warmth spreading through my fingers. Then, I began to see immages. First, I saw a big plastic yello circle with millions of smaller circles inside of it. Then, I saw a plastic yellow lid just sitting in front of me. It was weird to see that, but it is a hypnogogic immage. Next, I saw a flash of blue light zoom from one side to the other. Then, I saw a spoon swinging from one side to the other. Then, I heard a few sounds. I heard thumping and doors slamming. Then, I heard voices. Someone, it was a female, was talking about a cake mix. I couldn't make out what she was saying. Then, I heard guns firing in a battlefield. Then, the vibrations got more and more intense. Finally, I saw an enormous Christmas tree. It was tall and green with millions of bright lights. At that point, the vibrations were so intense, that I felt I could leave my body. I kept trying to push out, but before I could, my mother said something in the kitchen which brought me out of trance.

Well, I hope this entry helps. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at rachel.paulson [at]

Kind Regards,

Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-15)
Cat, you are welcome. I am happy to help. As for the cards, you might assume you are selecting the same cards because your mind recognizes them and is familiar with them, but it makes more sense that your Guides keep choosing them because those cards hold a very important message and you have not yet understood or heard that message. This is when you need to read the book they came with, or seek another psychic's advice on what they might mean, or study them harder and pick out the message they hold which you might have missed before. In other words, your Guides are going to be persistant and repeat the message until you understand it. 😉
IndigoCat39 (1 stories) (22 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-14)
To Oracle:

I appreciate your time and your advice, thank you!

I think I have what you would term psychometry with cards. I can feel an energy from them, and its like I know which card to pick or am being guided to pick certain cards? (although, it seems like the same cards come up over and over again and again when I pick cards for myself, its odd!) Its stronger some days and weaker some days, but overall seems to be getting stronger over time.:)

Its fun and intersting to learn about and very good to know there are people like you who take their time to help others!

❤ 😊 ❤
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-14)
Cat, do not worry when doing Tarot. It is like everything else; it can be used for good or bad. There are ways to protect yourself from dark entities when using Tarot. It is also why some readers prefer to use Rune Stones, since there are no pictures and messages written on them (for spirits around you to see) but only symbols.

I have recently been tutoring a new student in Tarot Readings. On the very first day she fell in love with Tarot. She was shocked at the accuracy. I was happy when she chose my "Oracle of the Grail Code" deck as being her favorite. It is one of my guides favorite deck to use. She learned that doing the readings on her own is all a person needs to do. The power is within. Your psychic ability (or you guide) tells you innerly which card to select to answer your inner question. The books do explain what each card means but as you work more with your guides you will find that certain cards have certain meanings to your guides. It might not necessarily be the same meaning as what the book says.

How to do a Tarot Reading on your own:

1. First pray to God or your Guides for guidance and answers. Also ask for protection and to only be answered by God or your Top Level Guides. Ask that they be good and only from the White Light. (If you like you can also tell all else around you that they are not welcome now and must leave.)

2. Once you feel this goodness around you, now think to yourself of what your question is (not outloud). This way only your guide hears your question, not a spirit/entity who maybe watching or listening.

3. If you have more than one Tarot Deck you might now receive a message from your Guides telling you which deck to use in order to find the right answer to your question.

4. Shuffle the cards as you continue to think about your question.

5. Spread the cards across a flat surface (from left to right, or right to left).

6. Focus on the backs of the cards and select the card which draws your attention most. (Use your intuition, or your Guides will tell you which card to select.)

7. Do the same and choose another card but only if you feel another card calls out to you. If you are not drawn to anymore cards then do not choose them.

8. Turn over the cards (one at a time and beginning with the first card you had chosen).

9. View the picture first, then it's name, then it's description.

10. If need be look it up in the book if you need further clarification on what the card means.

❤Always happy to help❤
IndigoCat39 (1 stories) (22 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-13)
To Oracle -

I am really new to Tarot. I just bought my first deck in May this year. I have the Wisdom of Avelon cards and I read a verse for protection each time I use the cards (the verse is in the accompanying book). Now that I read about possibility of opening portals, (which I had no idea of before I bought the cards) it makes me hesitate to use them again before I asked you... Do you think if I am using the cards and seeking only the highest good for all, and asking for the white light of the Holy Spirit for protection... Is that enough? I surely do not wish to open any portals that would allow harm to anyone in my house!

Thank you, your advice is very much appreciated.
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-13)

Again, have you told your Mother?

Also, what side do the voices come at you from? Your left or right?

Have you tried talking to them? They are spirits and so can hear your voice as well as see you.

Spirits choose your time of sleeping to reach you because you are resting and not distracted by other things. These spirits might not have learned how to reach you in your dreams and so prefer to make contact as you begin to drift off into sleep mode. Wake up and ask them who they are and what they want, or keep your eyes closed when you do this to make them feel you are still in slumber mode.

I have been a Medium for 42 years and spirits mostly prefer to contact me in my dreams.

kaen76 (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-11)
Have you tried opening your eyes when you hear these voices? Don't be frightened or worry. I have had the same experience.
Ben89 (1 stories) (9 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-11)

I was told that it could be possible, its just its only when I'm inbetween sleep, I don't tend to hear things all the time, (unless I do and just ignore it). I have no idea how any of its works, what to do, how to stop it or even encourage it, but that's something I would like to consider, I have no idea what to do next though. How do you *test* it, or get tested for it? (if you can)
pegs_deborah (3 stories) (112 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-11)
Have you considered that you have clairaudient abilities and that these are spirits trying to communicate with you? I realize that this is scary for you but maybe this is your latent psychic abilities developing as you've aged.
Ben89 (1 stories) (9 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-10)
Thankyou for taking the time to reply. In regards to your question my mother was doing tarrot long before I was born and she used to frequantly meditate etc. She is someone who would never jeopardize the saftey of her children like that, plus its only me and none of my other siblings who seem to have this sort of between sleep land thing, I wish I knew if there was an actual name for it. I don't think I'm being "haunted" as such because throughout the day and night I'm completly phased out of it all, its only ever sometime when I'm in between sleep and being awake I hear the voices always coming from behind or to the side of me. I don't mind the voices, it the screams that I don't like, even if its just 1 word.
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-10)

Since your mother does tarot it is possible she opened up a portal which can give all sorts of access from spirits (both good and bad) if she does not know how to prevent that and control the portal. So what is happening to you could very well be a haunting.

Otherwise it might be spirits trying to reach you for help (but again could be due to that portal she opened up.)

Have you discussed this with your mother? She needs to know.

For more advice read my replies to other questions on this subject, or simply ask me.
hales3 (9 stories) (115 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-10)
I just posted a story about this on, about the state of being awake and asleep. Just Sunday and Monday night something was talking to me, telling me it knew I was awake and that it could see me, the next night it said hey or called my name. That's the first time that's happened to me, I usually hear it when I'm fully awake.

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