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I have been having visions for a few years. Although I've only had two believe I may have an ability. The first vision happened a few years ago I was sitting in my bedroom with my lamp on before going to bed. The lamp had recently been brought for me whilst I was with my mother and I'd been given a choice of various lamps. However I chose that particular lamp. I starred at the lamp and had a vision that one of the other lamps which I'd chosen not to buy was in it's place. Around two weeks later the lamp broke and my mum returned to the shop where she brought the lamp alone unaware of my vision and brought the lamp I'd seen in my vision. I returned home from college that day and saw the lamp I'd seen in my vision in its place. My mum explained the lamp had broken so she changed it for the lamp which I saw in my vision thinking that model wouldn't brake. Something small but still enough to make me question my vision.

My second vision was at the beginning of this year, where my friend had got a new allotment which I went to visit, on this allotment he had a shed on the allotment and I stood in the doorway and looked out onto the allotment, suddenly a strong feeling of pain and heartbreak came over me. I had a vision of me standing in the exact same spot looking at his allotment and feeling deep emotional pain and heartbreak. I told my boyfriend at the time about it and said I didn't think I should go back as something bad would happen. A couple months later my boyfriend cheated on me and I ended up going back to that allotment for comfort from my friend. Forgetting about my vision I stood in the same doorway and felt the intense pain and heartbreak of him cheating on me, I felt it the whole time I was there. I'd felt it since I'd found out he cheated and I had a flashback of my vision as I stood in the doorway. I felt like my vision now made sense.

If anyone could shed any light on this or give their opinion it would be much appreciated. I have also seen a Ghost and an Orb before, It's been mentioned that I may have a third eye. I find it interesting that I'm only able to see my own fate and not others.

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gogolalalas (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-04)
Can you be a little more specific when you say "vision"? Can you describe the event in more detail? For example, in the first vision, you were looking at the lamp and then? How did that "vision" come? Did you fell asleep momentarily? Or it came as a sudden flash? Any further description will definitely help! Thanks!

Everybody has a "third eye", in some people it is more active in others less. A person usually sees what is important to him/herself or future events that impact a large amount of people. Like the 9/11 event where a lot of people dreamt about it months before it happened.

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