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Seeking Help In Ridding Bad Energy From My House


All right, here's the deal. I bought this house in March, 2008, it is now December. We completely renovated the house, tore it apart and put it back together. Until I moved in here, only one thing had happened which I dismissed as that I was crazy.

I was working in the basement which is unfinished with a cement floor. I noticed a lump in the floor colored different from the other cement and about the size of a human adult. (I think you know where I am going with this). I was skeptical but a little freaked out. I continued working when suddenly I became sweaty and light headed, and then felt myself lifted into the air; very quickly, up and down again. I have experienced presences in other places and I immediately decided something was in my floor. So I made a deal with it; I told the lump that if it wanted to stay there and be left alone, it better leave me alone. If it messed with me, I would dig it up. I figured either way, we would both get what we wanted.

Nothing else happened and eventually I decided that what I experienced was physical and not spiritual. Months later I moved in and shortly after, other things began to happen. Our fans will turn on when no one is by the panel; I've checked it out. It's not the electrical, something is turning them on. I also see flashes of light in the stairwell, in the same spot and often. At first I thought it was me, but there is definitely something going on there. I also have been having nightmares ever since I moved in here; usually I sleep on the couch because for some reason I just don't spend much time in my room, which by the way is always really cold, even when its nice out. And finally, when no one is home; I hear thumping noises upstairs. Sometimes like footsteps, but usually just thumping.

My recent realization that the flashes of light in the stairwell are not my imagination confirmed it for me; something is in the house. I spoke with my friend who has psychic potential but does not pursue it. As I suspected, she had refrained from sharing her own experiences with me (to not freak me out). She said the first time she walked in my house, during renovations, she wanted to scream. She does not like the upstairs at all; she has never gone up there. She says something really violent happened in the house (its old from the late 1800s). She suspects that it's not a specific entity but just bad energy.

I asked why I don't get bad vibes from the house and she says it's because I have feelings of pride towards it; it was my project and my first house so I have good feelings towards it.

So here's the problem, I know it's negatively affecting me because I can't sleep well and when I do I have crazy bad dreams. My energy levels have been low and my mood is oddly nothing, I'm not depressed but it's like I've lost my ability to be happy.

I want to cleanse my house but I do not know exactly what to do. I read a posting here before where someone named Concrete Angel gave good advice, if you are reading I would be really interested to talk to you. I have a feeling that whatever it is, is quite dormant right now but has some serious potential. I think it's left us alone cause of our "deal" and cause I ignore it (usually, sometimes I joke about "Fan Man", that's what I've named it cause of the fan thing) and I'm not afraid of it; my roommate, aside from the fan thing, doesn't really believe in this stuff and ignores it too.

So my other question is should I cleanse or leave it alone? My gut says it could get ugly. I'm pretty sure I'm right, I have been told on several occasions that I have significant psychic potential, but I need to learn to "let go". (This segues nicely into my other query): I am very analytical and logical, I need to know the "why" and "how". While I have had experiences, this is ability to "let go" is somewhat abstract for me. Any advice as how to do this or what people mean by it would be awesome. (But please remember you're talking to someone who is very logical and methodical, I need you to and would appreciate you breaking it down for me).

Thanks very much, Tara

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Dragonsflight7 (2 stories) (11 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-09)
Im not an expert but it sounds like the entity is trying to tell you something, probably if the patch in your basement is a body it cannot cross over because something has been left unfinished, you could try asking it
seer123 (8 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-23)
If I were in your position. I would try to cleanse the house. My preffered way is to burn sage in every corner or your property and that should either 1) Resttore the energy or 2) Scare away the entity that's bothering you.

If your problem continues I HIGHLY suggest you have a priest bless your house. Then if it persists after both blessings have a priest preform an Exercism because you may have a demonic entity in your house.

Good luck. My prayers go to your success.
iltahn (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-20)
First off Quiet One, everybody has given you great advice. First off, trust your intuition, its your best defense/offense. Being analytical and methodical myself, I understand your situation.
Sage, Salt and Dragonsblood have the best impact on cleansing. The idea/belief behind these are that the faith of the spiritual world. Sage is believed to have a cleaning effect similar to bleach and other cleaning supplies used to clean your house. Salt has spiritual powers that come from a higher "spiritual being" used to purify water, food, buildings etc. Dragonsblood, comes from the "magical" powers of dragons. Although all this sounds like hocus pocus, nuts, crazy, illogical, ect ect. Its not your belief in the matter, its the spirits belief.
It sounds like the spirit responds to your interaction, this is a plus on your side. Tell your guest that she is not welcome, that it is not her house anymore, tell her that you WILL follow through with your promise. If she resists start with burning dragonsblood through out your house, even throw in a combination with sage. I have found that incents from local smoke shops work just fine for this. Depending on the severity of her, you may need to find a local magic supply shop to get actual sage/dragonsblood. Along with this pray to whatever god you believe in while doing this ask him/her to help you move this spirit from your house.
I'll check back with you, and if this doesn't work, there are other steps we could take, but I don't think you'll have a problem.
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-18)
QuietOne, have you tried making contact with the spirit (s)? Some live in empty houses so they can live in peace without people bothering them, but once someone moves in (you) they become upset and try to scare you into leaving. Whereas some spirits might be reaching out to you in an effort to get help. Some do not realize they are dead, while others do know but do not want to go into the light (heaven) for whatever reason (sometimes it is because they feel they have unfinished business on Earth).

You do not need to pay for help. Those who are experienced in Paranormal Activity and work at the Universities will usually investigate for free in order to further their research. Otherwise you can try making contact with the spirits on your own. One solution is to burn sage around your home, tell the spirits they are not welcome, inform them that they are dead and must leave, then pray to God and/or your Guides for help.

❤ Always happy to help ❤
the_quiet_one (1 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-17)
apologies friends for not responding sooner. I appreciate all the responses. After reading them and combining that with other info I have obtained, I feel much more confident in what I have to do. Sari_Elisabeth, I am always down for a chat, I have sent you an email.

We seem to be experiencing increased electrical issues that cannot be explained. We leave the house and come back to find circuits blown, though no increased pull occurred on the circuit. Upstairs (the house is a duplex) I have found the door to the breaker box open and unrelated circuits neutralized on a few occasions (the upstairs is vacant and I am the only one who goes up there). And when we were in the basement discussing some improvements we intended to make down there; my roommate went to tighten a bulb so we could get some light and before he turned it, it exploded (the filament), started smoking and broke in his hand. Last but not least, my computer is not working (which ordinarily is not strange, but I am a computer geek and the behavior of my computer/network is strange. I am currently at my parents house writing to you. I mentioned this mostly to explain why my response is so late and that it perhaps will be again). So there's my occurrences update.

I have obtained a smudge stick and a "personal protection spray" that apparently packs a wallop. Of course, I am not sure how to go about not trapping something inside a room; so I think I will just smudge for now. Starwoman2k, I will try to focus on the spirit in my room and guide it home. I have to admit though, a benign female presence just doesn't fit the scenario for me.

Also, I agree the lump could be nothing; however, my gut and my experience with construction tells me otherwise. (a lump in cement created by structural movement of some type would crack the cement; which it is not). Though I am suspicious of the basement I will not engage in anything down there (yet) in case lumpy is real; I would not want to break our deal.

For those curious, I have been attempting to research the history of the house without much luck.

Jozborn, I can appreciate where you are coming from. Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself. However, I assure you that I am not driven by fear, I'm not afraid of... Whatever it is. I am a very rational and logical person. I'm just listening to my gut which says "bad voodoo here man", a feeling that is actually hard to hear because I believe my judgment is very clouded in this case. I have experienced intuition about things before, but never so... "muffled". I believe my friend is correct that I am clouded by feelings of pride for my house. I do think something is going on that is not right, and I am nervous because I don't how to deal with bad energy; never had to before. If s*** hits the fan, I wouldn't know what to do.

Unfortunately, I am trying to rid bad energy on a budget. I can't afford paranormal investigators or even a priest. Since I posted the story, activity has increased. Perhaps I initiated it by acknowledging something was going on. I just know it is going to come to a head at some point, and if it is something unpleasant, I am up s*** creek. So jozborn, this is why I am concerned.

So, I guess we'll just have to see what happens. I will be returning home tomorrow and I am going to smudge the place. As soon as I can I will update you all. I will also try to specifically research a woman having died in the house around the time it was built (in response to Starwoman2k's indications). Let's hope that's what it is.

Thanks again all
jozborn (4 stories) (30 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-14)
Starwoman2k - I am glad that someone shares my understanding of the situation (though obviously you go above and beyond what anyone else would expect). The measures that some people take in these situations are absolutely terrifying. Fear and other bad feelings should NEVER govern your actions. They can do nothing but harm.
Starwoman2k (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-13)
First of all, as a psychic medium I am feeling there is spiritual activity in your home... As there is in most homes! However your frequency is high and you sense it more than many.
I also am feeling that the lump in the basement is... Nothing but a deviation because of a past structural repair on the house.
Now then, is what you are seeing and feeling really a spirit? Yes. I feel it is a woman, who lived in the house when it was new. I feel that if you check back on historical records of the house you may find that she crossed over in what is now your cold bedroom. I believe she died while giving birth, or some type of complication during childbirth.
Quiet one, I don't feel anything negative or malevolent about this lady. She just feels it's still her home. Lot's of people actually enjoy their spirit "roommates" but if you don't there are some easy but effective methods that really work.
First, since you have psychic abilities, I know you can wrap your brain around what I am about to tell you to do. Pick a nice afternoon to do this work.
First, take a few minutes to feel yourself surrounded in white divine light. Light white candles in the rooms where you feel the most activity. Get a native american Sage bundle, light it and open a window. (This sage has a strooooong smell!) Walk around with the smudge stick.
While doing this, just talk to her. Explain to her that you are the owner of the house now, and that she has died. (I know you're going to feel a little foolish doing this, that's ok!) Don't be surprised if you don't notice spirit activity at this point, curtains moving, sounds, etc. It will just be her acknowledging she hears you.
Then, just as you've seen on T.V. Tell her to go to the light. Spend a little time doing this, as though you were telling a neighbor child it is time to go home. If you are spiritual at all, say a nice prayer for her and say good bye.
Quiet one, this usually takes care of it.
Use compassion with things like this. You never know if some day in the far future you could be the visitor, and you would also appreciate being led gently to the light ❤ Star
lrkmedium101 (7 stories) (105 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-13)
very interesting and I'm a psychic medium, when I read your story I visualize the lump in the floor. Okay so your friend said something violent happend. I think there's a body burried there. Cleance the house. You simply do that by going to a local church and tell the preist what's going on and ask him to cleanse it for you.
Best of Luck
❤ Leah
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-13)
I have experience in living in such a house. Heater making extremely loud unusual and unbearable noises out of the blue, alarm always going off on it's own, loud crashing noises like a china cabinet full of dishes falling over but nothing at all having fallen, coldness only in one room, TV turning back on after it is turned off, etc. If you feel something is not right, then it is not right. You have an intuition so use it. The best way to find out for certain is to hire a professional experienced team of scientific paranormal testers. The legit ones usually work for a university and love finding more evidence of the paranormal so might even be willing to come to your house for free. They will test the house's wiring, look for cold spots, test for unseen energy activity, etc. I would suggest trying this route before trying anything yourself. When and if you confirm it is true, then you can take the next step at hiring an experienced ghost buster or medium to communicate with the spirit (s), ask who it is, and what it wants.

jozborn (4 stories) (30 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-12)
I think you're mistaken.

The feeling I get reading your story is that you're getting ahead of yourself.

When people are capable of detecting spirits, it usually shows itself in the form of extreme paranoia or the feeling that you are being watched.

But think about it for a second. How do you know that this spirit is necessarily bad? Something you should understand about them is that they can only really communicate to you through your strongest emotions. Fear is the only one they can really appeal to.

Before you run off, grab some random priest or minister and subject the spirit to more torment then it must be facing already, acknowledge it. Communicate with it, or learn how. Find out what you can do to put it at peace.

People have so much more power over the physical world than the spiritual antagonists that dwell with and around us. And yet all of our actions continue to be guided by the fear of the unknown.

There may be so much more to this than what you know. Yes, intuition is something worth trusting... But fear affects absolutely EVERYTHING. A group of friends and I once prayed for protection on my house from the evils that were after us (we were being chased). It worked. But the barrier surrounding my house is imperfect; nothing good or bad comes in, nothing good or bad goes out. Because of this, the bad energy produced by the quarrels among my family is building up, and all I can do is watch the spirit of my household slowly deteriorate.

I wouldn't wish such fear-induced consequences on anyone else. Physical OR spiritual. Just because some power is given from God doesn't mean it's translated, changed, and made imperfect by mankind... No matter how "holy" this person may be.
Sari_Elisabeth (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-12)
I was just reading about your experience and I have to say that recently I have been experiencing the same thing. I don't live in a house, but I live in a dorm instead. And lately I've been experiencing things very similar to you. My door locks and unlocks itself, sometimes lights are on when I come back to my room even though I know I turned them all off, and stuff randomly goes missing and then shows up in the most obvious places. I'm also having trouble sleeping at night. I don't know what to do either, but maybe if you would want to talk more about our experiences...?
Edmund (578 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-12)
the_quiet_one... Well the first problem is that when you told "lumpy" that if you leave me alone I won't dig you up he will take that as a green light to stay and will start the haunting stuff. He would never have left on his own accord anyway. And as you know he is pretty strong in the bad vibe department. Any actions that are taken will only result in a compromise. You could go the traditional route with a blessing of the house by a priest or a minister... It might keep him quiet for a few months at best or it could intensify his haunting... If it quiets him down you got a run of the mill ghost if it intensifies... You have an evil component to the haunting... But that would be my first move. If it gets any crazier after the blessing I would put about 50Lbs. Of Kosher salt on and around the outline and get the house re-blessed... Its a start!

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