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For years I have seen 11:21. I didn't give it much thought because I thought it was just a coincidence. I would see it on the clock, places, and it happened when I was least expected it. You know, the random glance over at the time and stuff like that. But, here recently it has really got my attention. Its more constant and I must say that It even made me feel a little uncomfortable. It still has happened on the clock, I went to the store and just happened to glance up and in big numbers 1121. I was looking through my mail and my bank statement's ending balance was $11.21 and the next day I helped a friend with filling out some paperwork and the date was 11/21. I was going through all my books and found a journal that I didn't get to use... My cousin had given it to me, and I opened it and she had written me a little note and the date was 11/21/2008. My husband gave me his gas receipts and we save them for tax services and as I was going through them I found $11.21. This has all happened in the last 3 months. Consistently and constantly. I have tried to research numerology, angel numbers, etc and have not found anything of help. The only things that I can think of that tie me directly to 11/21 is my grandfathers birthday who has been deceased for about 11 years now and my mother in law who also passed away 25 years ago so I did not get to meet her. It feels like I'm being "yelled at" like its coming in loud but not clear. Its like an urgency but I don't know what to do about it. I would like to know if this has happened to anyone? What can I do?

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Noriko1111 (1 stories) (35 posts)
6 years ago (2014-08-24)
Well you can take it a couple different ways. First does the number have any real significance to you? Is it only the two people date that passed away or do you remember down your past childhood using it as some kind of personal code?

Well to start off its a sign for sure. It is a sign "personally" for you. You stated two things that pops in your mind your grandfather and your mother in law. When you think of these two people who's name comes first. Your grandfather or your mother-in-law. If its your mother-in-law does your husband having a difficult time at this moment for you to pay attention. Or if its your grandfather are you having a difficult time and remembering the times with your grandfather. The list goes on. Numbers are just signs for you to pay attention too. Pay attention to the name or person that come up first when you see the time at that moment.
sbsb13 (4 stories) (4 posts)
7 years ago (2014-02-26)
Sorry, I got it mixed up. My mother in law passed away on Nov 21, 1987
sbsb13 (4 stories) (4 posts)
7 years ago (2014-02-26)
Actually, yes my grandfather's birthday is on Nov 21 And he passed away 11 years ago. Also, my mother in law's birthday is also, Nov 21 but she passed away when my husband was really young so I didn't get to personally meet her.
WhiteLeopard (1 stories) (14 posts)
7 years ago (2014-02-21)
Hey, I think sometimes when some numbers are bugging you, like how you keep seeing 11 21, it actually makes you notice them more when you obsess about them. Perhaps other numbers also pop up a lot day to day but you don't notice as much because your not hung up about them... Just a possible suggestion 😊
Just thought I'd randomly add 21st of Nov is my bday! So its a pretty awesome day 😆
Kristen_Mindfreak (6 stories) (48 posts)
7 years ago (2014-02-21)
11:21 can also mean November 21, as November is the 11th month. Try to remember if you had any accidents, anyone dying or anything special or strange which happened on this date. It also could refer to the Bible. 😕
sbsb13 (4 stories) (4 posts)
7 years ago (2014-02-12)
So, would this indicate that there is like a spiritual warfare with myself? Thank you for the input.
Kristen_Mindfreak (6 stories) (48 posts)
7 years ago (2014-02-11)
The number eleven is the number of disorder, imperfection and incompleteness. Eleven signifies a state not yet full. After Judas betrayed Jesus, he committed suicide. One might ask why replace Judas since Jesus had been crucified. Since the twelve disciples represented the twelve tribes of Israel, Judas' replacement was necessary to bring the number back to the governmental number of twelve. Having only eleven disciples speaks of incompleteness.

The number twenty-one represents a holy state because it is the product of seven and three multiplied by each other, and seven signifies what is holy, and so also does three.

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