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I am writing this story for my friend, who asked me to share her story because her experiences are too much for her and she feels like she is losing her mind. Since she can remember, she has always had dreams that have came true days later. She has the ability to hear "voices" where ever she goes. They address her by name and they ask if she can relate messages. She blocks it all out, and she acts like she doesn't hear them just so that she can be left alone. She says she is always feeling drained, tired and every single day is a constant battle for her. She keeps fighting and has experienced what she calls," a string of bad luck", hardship all her life. What can she do to protect herself? Turn the switch on and off? Should she continue to resist or accept this ability? What kind of abilities are these? We don't have much resources here and she is reluctant to ask for help because she is afraid she might not be taken seriously or even labeled as "crazy"

She has always attracted the wrong kind of men, always having bad things happen to her. She has even questioned her own sanity and has thought that perhaps what she hears and dreams are evil, negative spirits or demons playing mind games with her. She worries because she is afraid that this will take a toll on her health and she is a single parent. She is in desperate need of help and I wish I could help her but I don't know what to do. She is really confused and really, all comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all very much for your time.

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GeorgiaMOM (guest)
9 years ago (2014-11-25)
First I want to say that I am new to this site and to dealing with some of the techniques to protect us from our abilities. I too have children and understand the fears that come from asking for help of this nature. I can only speak of what has helped me in the past few months. You see with empathy we absorb other's emotions and she may be experiencing that which creates these strings of bad luck as she calls them. Her out look on life has to alter concentrating on the positive not any negativity. She should start by acknowledging the positive in her life and the blessings she's been given such as her child. Then after this is done, look hard at the bad, read between the lines and see if others were involved that may have had a hand with the situation. If something becomes clearly a factor with the situations that have come around, then you have a particular individual or individual's emotions that need to be cleansed and removed from your body/energy/spirit.
Next she needs to go to a room that she feels comfortable and safe in. Sit down, close your eyes and give your mind time (few sec.) to clear, if needed say something out loud to clear your mind, command yourself to do so. Once she has a blank space, she needs to picture herself and see herself with an energy field/light that surrounds her. Once she sees this in her mind she needs to command that all energy and emotions that do not belong, be removed from her. Picture a door that is now opened somewhere on her body and now all the energy is moving out that door. Once all is gone and nothing is seen moving, close that door.
Take calm relaxing breathes and then imagine a room that exist in your mind/head/brain, with a chair in the middle. There is one door that is on the floor which opens to bad, evil things and another door above you that opens to a high power and peace and enlightened state of wisdom and knowledge and comfort. See yourself closing the door on the floor and locking it, if needed. Then the door above you see yourself opening it and in doing so, a light that connects your mind to the heavens. See the light moving through the clouds and all other obstacles leading straight to haven into a light belonging to God (for me) or what ever higher power she believes in. This light is so brilliant and strong that nothing can penetrate the beam. With this light see the bad that has been removed, being filled now with an energy that gives you great health, spiritual power and protection from any unwanted or evil energies. As well, energies of peace and comfort that have never been felt before. Once this is done she needs to see herself once again with this energy shield/light that surrounds her and picture it growing and getting brighter and stronger. This will protect her from any negative emotions or energy. See it in all the colors of the rainbow and the exterior is a a brilliant white light. Once done she should take a bath with sea salt or epsom salts soaking for a little bit. After doing these things it should help. If she starts to feel negative energy or what ever, she needs to imagine the shield she made, once again, and see it growing and getting stronger, until the bad energy is gone. This should help her to get a balance within herself, so she can move forward in her search for answers. What ever belief she holds or has been giving in her childhood can help as well. Fall back on that and it should offer help with any protection she needs. I opened all my bibles to Psalms 91 and placed them in each room after I read the scripture aloud. This gave me a protected space that was cleaned of all negative influences. This allowed me to research and decide on my next move in dealing with what was going on and what I needed to do to with the blessings God has passed to me. I hope this helps, it may seem or feel funny at first when she attempts to relax and clear her mind. But the benefits are well worth feeling a little silly, I can assure her of that. Blessings I wish to pass to her with prayers of comfort and peace that are delivered with a confidence she's never known before, which will allow her to move forward in her path. And blessings to you, as her friend and loved one, stay strong for her. She's going to need all the support and understanding she can get from you. This is a gift that is made easier with friend like yourself. God bless
Kristen_Mindfreak (6 stories) (48 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-25)
I think "Spiritual Cleansing" will help. You can find lots of websites in the Net if you give a search like "How to Cleanse the Spirit for removing negativity and evil from mind and soul." I hope it helps! The voices I hear are friendly, but at first they were really torturing and evil. Slowly they became ok. I don't know whether the voices your friend hears will become friendly, but to remove them either you try spiritual cleansing or try to contact Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels if possible.
RevSilverson (103 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-25)
the first and most important thing for her to do is block her OWN negative energy. When we are unhappy, suffer from low self-esteem, sad or depressed we create a negative energy field that attracts other negative energies. You've heard of the phrase she's got a dark cloud over her head? When we carry around negative energy, positive energy is pushed aside and only the negative gets through creating difficult times for us in our lives: wrong choices in partners, bad money issues and health issues. Thinking that demons are toying with her is a sign of her intense unhappiness and it can be possible for negative energy to be attracted to her because she makes herself a target.

She is not crazy- she has the psychic ability of clairvoyance. She can decide to block it out and many people are succesful doing that however from time to time things will get through.

She must change her attitude to a more positive one. Daily affirmations will help and there are many many products out there to help increase her happiness with herself. Once she reverses that negative pattern she will find that positive energy will fill the void left by the bad energy she has created. She is in control both of her mindset and the voices she hears.

Love and light... Always
Brandon6996 (1 stories) (27 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-25)
Please let your friend know that if she wishes I can help her in many ways more than one. I have helped many people in my life with problems pertaining to everything from demonic attachings and have successfully ridded them to simple recurring nightmares. I am a very powerful empath and have a few abilities myself some may label as unique or "incredible enough to not be true". I can assure your friend she is not the only one and if she desires to contact me through my facebook url or here if she desires. ~love and light to all
Prince (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-25)
In this case, the thing she needs the most now is to stop those things from messing with her. There are many ways to ask for protection from higher beings, such as the angel Michael, or chanting Buddha's names (there are videos for this online/YouTube), both of these methods work great and have immediate effects. Also go to the "Articles" tab from this website, look for the "Chakra Guides", and follow the steps to unlock her chakras; do this along with some daily meditation (even just a few minutes everyday) will help herself/body to harmonize with her own energy, and cleanse out the "bad" energy; which is beneficial for her health (it works). Once her health is back again, then she can start to investigate and learn more about how to "fight" these voices. About the bad-things that happened to her, then that what I considered as "Karma".This is a deeper topic, but the method to improve her bad Karmas is to make good Karma (good deeds). This belongs to Buddhism so if she is interested in doing so, then she can look more into Buddha's teachings about Karma.
But the most import thing right now is her health and to lower her stress. If she can manage the Chakras and the meditation, then the rest will come easier.

This is all I can do to help. All the best for your friend.
Nam Mo Bon Su Thich Ca Mau Ni Phat
Nam Mo A Di Da' Phat
Nam Mo Dai Bi Quan The Am Bo Tat

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