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Addressing All Mediums: Visions Of A Headstone


I've been an active Tarot reader for about two years now, and I've done several "Past Life Readings" that I, and the recipients, have had quite phenomenal experiences with.

I have a strong intuitive base, and I know within a half hour of meeting someone whether or not their intentions are pure and whether or not I like them as a person. I am also, according to Native American culture, "two spirited".

[For those of you with no knowledge of this, I sincerely encourage you to google that phrase as well as "native american shaman", because the topic itself truly is intriguing.]

However, in addition to those gifts, I've always felt a strong pull to the dead.

And tonight, I had the image of a square, decorated tombstone in a specific cemetery. As I drew this, details such as the letter "T" and the number "6" as well as a tree pretty much placed themselves in my drawing.

I've never been known to be a scribe, and I have had few visions in the last year.

This man, there's something about him. I get the pull as though he wants to speak with me, as though I need to see him. I, however, am not sure how exactly to deal with this.

Do I go to the cemetery? Is that even safe? [To anyone who wants to tell me a spirit can't harm you, you are very, very sadly mistaken, I'm afraid.]

And if this is a demonstration of, as my partner put it, being a clairvoyant medium, then how exactly do I go about learning to utilize those abilities?

I would very much like to find a mentor who is skilled in this area, if at all possible, but I'm also not sure how to go about finding that out.

Any advice is sincerely appreciated.

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Brandon6996 (1 stories) (27 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-27)
Being that you are obviously aware of the dangers of it all, if it be that your fear keeps you from going then I will not press anything. From what I read it seems more that a greater entity (wether it be spirit guide or a spirit in and of itself) is trying to tell/show you something through your drawing. The "pull" you feel is common among people that are able to feel or communicate with spirits. They make you feel this "pull" because they may be eager to "lead" you somewhere, to show you something about some relevance to something you may want to know or something about them... That it being a graveyard makes me wonder if this spirit wants you to go there to show you its grave? This is merely a guess but the symbols in your drawing didn't just "appear" out of thin air, If you want my opinion (because I would be intrigued by this if I was in your shoes) would be to take a nice trip to the graveyard just to see.
~Peace Love and Light
lauterb (110 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-27)
Hi October_Moon
You are just a medium (please keep in mind this term, because other references/names are incorrect), as well as everybody is. Difference is your abilities are more developed compared to others, but everybody is a medium!
You are already aware of what you are, you may not know the reason, but no matter, it is now working for the good and help others.

You don't need a mentor you can find all you need in "The Spirits' Book" and "The Mediums' Book" - by Allan Kardec. I found a good US web site where you can find both in pdf:
"Good mediums are those who understand that The true medium has a mission to fulfill, and that he must be ready, when necessary, to sacrifice his tastes, habits, pleasure, time, and even his worldly interests, to the good of others."
I have some answers for you, please note that those answers are not mine all are in the above 2 books I mentioned.
I will try to resume some concepts and make easier your understanding, but please take a look on both books will help you a lot.
When I said you don't need a mentor regards to study and understand the dynamics form spiritual world. Practice is really another thing, and here is not who but where to do this.
Go alone is really not recommended, and also you don't need to be physically there to sort out and solve or give some help. Your mind is the most powerful tool we have. By your thought you can direct "energies" to help anyone. I suggest you to let who is capable to deal with this instead of you. Pray to your guide spirit, pray to good spirits, ask them to go to this place and help this spirit. Pray for this spirit to receive his help and welcome all suggestions those good spirits will give to him. With this method you can send spirits to hospitals, give some relief, whatever you do for the good of others you will be always assisted by good spirits.
Don't miss the opportunity to read both books, they have more than 150 years based on studies and I studied a lot and never found a flaw.
Charity is the mother of all good things, you will never regret from the good things you did for the others, you will sure regret for not doing those good things!
Lots of good work for you!
RevSilverson (103 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-25)
i would suggest you intepret more of the image you drew before you go any further. As you said spirits can have positive or negative energy so I would investigate the significance of what you drew first. A square tombstone is an unusual shape. Most are rectangular but can be circles or triangles or in shapes of angels or even tree stumps or branches. So why square? Then the T where was it located on the tombstone and then the six and where it was located. My meaning is-- is this part of a name and then part of a date?

I have known since I was 16 the year I was going to die because of a vision I had and years later a psychic confirmed this when he told me how old I was going to be when I died. He was right about the information in the rest of my reading too.

Also my next question is why you are seeing a man and not a woman in your vision? And the location of the tree on the tombstone- center, to the right, to the left?

I am not a native american but I have been blessed with shaman abilities which involve astral projection, knowing the past, present and future, speaking with and helping the newly dead, speaking with and helping the spirits, manipulating the energies of the elementals and energies of the universe, exorcising negative energy entities both locally and remotely, locating lost items locally and remotely and psychic readings for peole around the world. This is not a resume to become a mentor-- it is a list of the many things shaman can do. Right now I sense you are at the beginning of your knowledge and have a ways to go yet. It is imperative you get some form of psychic protection to use on a daily basis to protect you from the abundance of negative energy that surrounds you. When you get more experienced you will find that spirits will help protect you against such things. I use a visualization technique daily in the morning envisioning a bright golden light in the shape of a pyramid forming at the top of my head and gradually descending to the bottom of my feet. And I have my spirit base that goes with me wherever I go to protect me. Spirits have problems too and they come to me to get answers to their questions. They "repay" me by offering me an abundance of protection to keep me healthy and happy and safe. Other psychics often tell me "you have hundreds of spirits with you now and wherever you go."

You have a puzzle on your hands that you need to complete before you go to the cemetery. My sense is that I had something to do with the death date of yourself or someone you care about greatly. As in my case, knowing when I am going to die allows me to use my time more wisely than if I didn't know- to start things and be able to complete them before I die. This knowledge isn't scary to me or sad- it is a tool I can use.

I share my gift with others from english speaking countries around the world. I offer life counseling, perform negative energy entity exorcisms, healings, ascensions, suggest techniques to be protected from negative energy created by both human and spirit. If you decide to open yourself up to be a vessel for the positive energy in the universe your abilities will grow. Good luck to you.

Love and light... Always

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