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Memories That Aren't Mine


I have a problem in my life that's getting more and more serious, so I've joined this board to share it, and see if other people can relate to me. So first, a bit about me. I'm a university educated engineer in my mid thirties, with a wife and young family. Good at most things I do, I can control most aspects of my life, except one.

When I was very young, I could see and feel other people in my bedroom. It was a brand new house that my dad built, but in the darkness of my room, I could see the shadows of other people who watched me. They didn't say anything, or try to talk to me, but I could feel them. It made me quite scared of the dark, but I was never allowed a light. I was probably about two years old when this was going on.

As I grew older, I came to realize that I could feel other people, and the energies that surrounded them. I can tell much about a persons character, simply by standing near them. History has proved me correct in this nearly every time.

When I was about six, I had my first real astro travel type dream. The most enduring memory of this is a terrible confusion I had about space (as in the physical dynamics of how such a big place could fit in my head). The experience made me quite sick, and I stayed sick for days.

The next real thing I noticed was a few years after, probably in my early teens. It's an odd nervous reaction I get in response to some types of stimuli, and it seems worst with audio. For example, if I hear recordings of things that happened before I was born, say, a replay of a newscast of the JFK assassination, or a report from the Vietnam war, I get a terrible tingling feeling that will start at the base of my head, and work down my back. At its worst, it can actually make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

After that, recurring dreams began which are still with me today. I have a few different types, but one that really stands out was a dream that started when I was about 15. In my dreams, I would always go to the same pub (what we call bars in Australia), and I'd be drinking middies (a measure of beer) there with friends. It's a really hot day (maybe 40 degrees celsius), with typical Northern Australia humidity you could cut with a knife) and the horse races are on the radio. From the furniture and cars I can see outside, the year is sometime in the 30s or early 40s. There's not much else from the dream, but it's very vivid.

Several years after this dream started, I was working in Queensland (900km from where I live) and was walking down a street where my paternal grandfather lived during the 30s, and was absolutely astounded to see the pub from my recurring dream standing in the street in front of me. I had never been to that part of the city before in my life. I walked inside, sat down and ordered the same drink I had hundreds of times before in my dream. It just seemed so weird. I couldn't talk to my grandfather about this, because he'd passed away some 15 years prior. The inside of the pub hadn't changed much in 50 years either.

I have another recurring dream which takes place in a town which I've never visited, but is very familiar. It has shops where I buy meat and veges, it has pubs where I drink, it has a brothel (which oddly I never visit but I know a girl who works there, and she's my friend), it has a school. Sometimes it has an injured kid in the playground (with a bleeding knee) whom I help. Different things happen there, but always the same town. It's by the water, and has a nice feel to it.

By the time I was in my twenties, I was having astral travel dreams every other night. Just the normal stuff, I see myself leaving my body, and head off to other places. These are lucid, and I can fully interact with other people/things that I find along the way. My sister also experiences some psychic type phenomena, and I have seen her while astral traveling also. She has seen me. My dad has now passed away, but while he was critically ill, both my sister and I went to check on him astrally, and met while we were there. She also had a dream like this.

All of this I could cope with. Lately however, things have gotten worse. It really started one day when I should have been working, but instead was browsing in a massive antiques warehouse (one of my secret interests). I was admiring an old table when I looked up, and saw an aura from an elderly lady. It scared the hell out of me. This was really only supposed to happen while I was asleep, but now it was happening to me when I was awake too. She seemed equally surprised to see me, and was obviously quite taken aback. We crossed paths, and suddenly lots and lots of her life memories came into my brain. I could clearly see the table in a house in Balmain or some nearby suburb, her family life, meals around the table, everything. I rushed outside into the fresh air and daylight, and wondered if I was cracking up.

There's a ghost who hangs around my house. He was killed in a car accident, I think he was run over, and he lived near where I live now. I think this probably happened in the 1950s. He wasn't killed here. He was killed in town, about 30km from the farm where I live. I'm not scared of him, he's a nice guy but never the less, he's often around. Sometimes when I'm stressed from work or tired, I share his memories too. Some of them aren't so great.

I've become aware that my 3 year old son can see him too. I can feel the depth of my son when I hold him. My younger son (whom is equally cherished) has no such depth. He's missing the extra dimension. The other night, just as I was going to bed, my son's shadow/ghost passed me in the bedroom. I was instantly concerned, but when I checked on him he was sleeping soundly, and I noticed some REM. I suspect he's astral traveling too.

Ever since the antique store incident, I've been becoming more and more sensitive to these types of things. Today while stopped at an intersection, I could see the road how it looked 80 years ago. There was an old building which was devoid of any signage, but I knew it used to be the police station. It's quite unusual architecture for a New South Wales police station from that era, and looks nothing like other police stations from that time. It was such a strong feeling, that when I returned to my office, I looked up the address on the state heritage register and found that sure enough, it was the police station until the late 20s.

I don't think this is cool, it's quite unwanted. Sometimes I see some really disturbing things in some parts of the city.

Anyway, I'm posting here to see if anyone has some good advice for me about reducing the occurrence of this type of thing, or if anyone can relate to me. It doesn't fit well with the rest of my persona. I'm supposed to be the very rational, scientific engineering brain type.


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livelovelark (4 posts)
9 years ago (2012-04-21)
The reason you got sick was because after projection you need lots of rest and liquids or you Will become weak. Just thought I'd share that because it is important information.
Blue-Elegence (3 stories) (24 posts)
11 years ago (2010-08-12)
i don't know if this helps but I have two memories that belong to my sister, were twins
Prince_Ren (2 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-27)
Maybe I can be of some help? I am currently in this present life time a 17 year old female psychic and has been studing and dealing with this for about 6 years now. In my past life I am a 19 year old prince. I go by the name of Ren. I have been dealing with seeing into other peoples lives, reading auras, reading others emotions and seeing the past and future since my middle school years. But the reason I can contol what I do is because I have taught myself to do so. Meditation is my key to keeping everything in my contol. I meditate a lot and I have been ever since I found out about my abilities and have had experiences. The more we are in tune with our mind the more we can block unwanted thing from being seen by the third eye. Mediataion builds concentration and then you should be able to focus on shutting things you don't want to be seen out. Also what I have done to protect people from various things (mainly my friend from seeing shadows that bother her) is to channel some positive enegry into an item and to keep it with you at all times. I have done that for a few of my friends. One the age of 28 and one 15. Another thing to do to keep yourself from doing so much astral projection and travel if you wish not to do that as often or at all. Is to meditate and during your menditaion visualize a white light surrounding your body and protecting you from everything around you and keeping you bound to your physical body. You may also do this method with your son too to keep him from astral travel but it may take more enegry and the only thing you do different in this method is to meditate then project the white light/enegry to his arua and so that it is surrounding him. I hope I am of some help.
Edmund (578 posts)
13 years ago (2008-06-24)
Fedup... Wow that's a problem... And your going to have to experiment a little. Freakgirl does have a great idea. You need to attenuate the psychic input until you could train your mind to pick and choose the events you wish to view. Because at this point the psychic reciever part of the mind is way to open. I would try one week at a time... Carrying a quartz crystal in your pocket the next week maybe a cross worn on a neckless... Usually for the common spirit apparitions a religious article works well providing you have some faith in it. But my gut feeling is that since you are so open and have logged in so much Astral time the answer is going to be found on the spiritual plane more so than a possible object that would attenuate the reciever.
Freakgirl (guest)
13 years ago (2008-06-23)
I can't say I've experienced anything quite that bad (I'm still a minor), but I did have a memory that I KNOW wasn't mine once. In it, I was little, maybe five, and my parents (who aren't my current parents) were telling me a story about how my Dad was adopted and how he was raised in the orphanage, not being able to leave until he was 18; a legal adult. He also told me that the first thing he did when he left was buy a huge sub. He said that he ate the whole thing, too.

As for advice, first, make sure that your son knows what is happening to him at least. Maybe when he's a bit older, but still. I know for a fact that it is horrifying to think that you're the freak in the family. Although, now I am having suspicions that my abilities come from my mother and that my brother might be getting a little psychic himself.

Anyway, I do have a theory, but it's still unproven. So, anyone reading this, feel free to correct me. I have this necklace that I almost never take off; almost can't. Ever since I started wearing it, I noticed the premonitions getting less frequent and only the smallest ones squeaking by every now and then. Now, after a year of having it, I found out that I hardly get them at all. At first, I was freaking out because, no matter how often I found the abilities a curse, I couldn't see myself living without them.

Now, I have located a factor that I missed: the necklace. My theory is that I have unknowingly been storing some of my energy in it, causing it to help me restrain my abilities. (I can occasionally contact that energy and use it in an concentrated form, but it's hard to do). Yesterday, I took it off for a few hours and left it off while I slept. You know what happened? I had a dream about my high school schedual. I remember reading it. (Unfortunately, I forgot what the order of my classes was).

The point is, I think that it is working like a circuit breaker. It only let's the smallest of vibes through, but once a big one comes, it completely shuts down my mind for a bit and I can't register a lot of things. The other downside is that I think it's also what's causing my frequent headaches. The energy can't get through, so it backfires on me. Either that or the headaches are of way of notification that a "power outage" has occurred.

It's risky, but, if you're that desperate, it might be something to try. I'm pretty sure that to create one of these "curcuit breakers," you have to first get an object that you could keep on you most of the day, like a watch that just seems to stick out at you. Then, wear it every day for extended periods of time (I'm talking almost the whole day) and try to channel some of the energy through it. For me, I concentrated on getting energy though it and to my hand. If, eventually, you start to notice the sensations dimming and get the same results I did, I'd say that it's a proven theory. Like I said, though, only if you're desperate.

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