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I never would have written this story, if I had not went through Mage's page. Even today it feels impossible for me to believe what am writing. It was 3 years back, August, 05 I suppose. I had started living alone just 3/4 months back. I lived in a state with least of rainfall and water problems. A state which went dry by feb, due to lack of water.

My neighbour's father came on the roof (I used to spend a lot of time on rooftops) and during the discussion he said to me, "just if we had a thunderous rain for some days, then the problem could get solved...". I was just looking at his girl. And I don't know why but I said, "what if it did, would you be happy?". He said "I will give a treat to you if it happened".

I just couldn't stop smiling. When he was leaving, I don't know why, but I just said to him "Uncle! You should be careful with what you wish" (words little distorted because I exactly don't remember the conversation).

By the night (we were chatting during evening), it started to rain, it rained like something, a rain storm was there, at a place which rarely had any heavy rain. Whole state had a flood. It destroyed life of complete state. Everything was getting destroyed. Everything started getting disrupted. But I was there living in that flat, sometimes standing in the rains, or on my rooftop, enjoying the rain, dancing with the rains.

Several coincidences were there (today I don't know if they are so) In the city of mumbai (another state), thunders took dangerous turns, it was the first time the state had such a monstrous rains (since then it rains the same thunder there).

Then another nearby state, gujarat, started getting flooded (another dry state, later they said some officials wrongly opened some dams) but it was horror in news and all around me. I could read it in newspapers and TV. But I started thinking, it couldn't be me I am just a kid. But I still loved the rain and wanted it to continue.

After two months or so (I don't know how long it was) I felt, can it be me? Could it be me? The guilt started taking me over. I started crying whole day inside my house.

One day when I just could not stop crying, I went up back there in heavy rains and then I leaned towards the ground so that my palms could touch the tiles of the roof and I called all the names I could make up and asked them all to go in the places I had heard on TV. And asked then to open the doors of land so that all of the water gets soaked up in the ground, I sat like that for 1/2 an hour or so crying). Then I got back.

I don't know why but next day onwards, newspapers started declaring news of things getting better. Places drying up, floods receding and everything else.

Since then I have been shifting myself. But the weather just feels like walking along with me. And it still rains hard at mumbai, weather getting extreme wherever I go. And it disrupts a lot and it destroys and it kills.

I really don't know but I live in constant horror of myself and the possibility that my love for wind may be true.

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weatherian (1 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2008-06-27)
PS: Since the day I came in contact with this website (surprizingly, after the time I had this submission). Things are changing. The thunder clouds disappeared yesterday, today we had full sun after so many weeks. I should be happy but I seem to not like it.

Newpaper reports from the near by major city read "saints and priests praying for rain". It made me feel sad.
But today, when I heard one of my collegue say... It is a desert, last year was an exception. Don't worry it won't rain like last time. I am starting to get angry? Why is it that people take weather so lightly, commenting on it. Why don't they try to look at it's heart?
Some are begging it to come, some are happy that it is not there.
This year I have decided to stay quiet and live with my normal life but still, can't understand what exactly is it that people want.
...Rain makes them feel scared, no rain makes them thirsty.
Should there ever be any rain, for such people. I ask you all," Why shouldn't clouds go away and stay the same, until people start respecting what rain does for them"

I am not angry, but just! Don't want to put any more efforts, I don't know if what I am thinking is correct or not, I just don't understand.
I still hope what I said really is not a real weather man's words. But If truely I am one among the Men, I just have wished for a drought". May God be with me.

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