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Energy Manipulation To Control Weather? Can I Do More?


It's been ages since I last visited this site but I decided to pop in again to see what's been happening and the first story I read was about energy manipulation and the situation described is uncanny to my own experience. I left a lengthy comment on the post so if you re-read something I posted there, my apologies:)

I'll start by explaining that I never remember my dreams, so the few I do I've never forgotten. They normally come in 2 ways, either incredibly vivid fantastically impossible dreams where I'm both in the dream and viewing the whole dream from high above, or they're more mundane yet completely realistic where I have no idea that I'm dreaming and I experience these from a first person perspective. These have always been about completely normal and every day experiences and have always come true within a couple of months of having these. One of the earliest dreams I remember was one of the 2nd type and recurred frequently. In the dream I'm trying to push my hands together but there's an invisible force keeping them apart, and the harder I try to push my hands together the more it resists until it feels like I'm trying to crush a rock between my hands. Now as long as I can remember I've been able to make energy flow from my hands. It sort of pools in the palms of my hands and I can feel it flow from my fingers, almost like a tangible light breeze between the fingers. My hands even get little white spots on them and they go cold. When I was younger though I used to pray really hard for the ability to control the weather/wind and after a while I noticed that if I focused on the type of weather I wanted whilst letting the energy flow from my hands the weather would change to what I wanted it to be. I've realized over the years though that it's not me manipulating the weather, but rather the wind to affect the change I want. It's never instant but it has started to change much faster as I've grown older and now I find I can change it within the hour. Now, with regards to this, I've never been able to shut the energy off unless I clench my fists until I forget about it, and I can't control how much I release, it's either all or nothing. As I've gotten older and started trying to understand the energy I've realized that the energy doesn't start in my hands but rather from the centre of my chest and it feels like the energy is my own, which would explain why if I keep thinking about it and thus using it I feel drained and tired after a while. Also, I find that when it comes to the weather, I can create a storm or a strong gust of wind for example quite easily, but it's much harder to control where the wind blows or how long the storm lasts. It's almost as though I use the energy to set an event in place and the energy continues to power the event until it's run it's course. Is there any way of learning to control the energy I.e. The amount I use, or learning to shut it off at will? I've also tried accepting energy from the universe into myself and this does make me feel energized so I think I can "absorb" energy too.

All of this being said, I've had various other psychic experiences too, such as the dreams of the future I mentioned at first, seeing shadow people and blurs/balls of light, sensing what people are feeling (empathy I guess, I can tell what type of person someone is from the minute I meet them, I feel what people are feeling like my own emotions and people are always opening up to me even if they barely know me), I've been able to make people feel and sometimes do what I wanted by focusing on it really hard, I've sensed entities, I've had 2 separate experiences that felt like astral projection etc. Etc. But apart from the empathy none of these experiences

Happen on a regular basis (an example would be my dreams which I've had 4 of in 23 years that were visions of the future and weren't about any significant events).

It just feels right that what I do is some form of energy manipulation, and whilst I've always had an affinity to the wind, the energy I use to manipulate it doesn't feel like it's only linked to it if that makes sense. I guess what I'm trying to figure out is whether or not someone that manipulates energy is just naturally predisposed to using it in a certain way (a specialist in a way) and therefore cannot use it to augment their other skills (it comes naturally to call the wind and barely takes any effort but anything else I try takes mountains of focus to get minimal results).

It sounds ridiculous to say but I've always felt like I had a bigger purpose in life, and not only does it feel like I'm getting closer to that purpose when I'm using the energy, I feel powerful too, and whilst I'm happy with where my gifts with the weather are going, but it just feels that, especially now that the amount of energy I can "create/use" is growing so quickly, I should be able to do more with it.

I'd appreciate any feedback/suggestions on what It is that I can do and on whether or not I can do more with it since all I'm not as spiritually active/knowledgeable as I could be and the only things I do know regarding this are based on the experiences I've had personally, so feel free to comment if you want:)

Peace, Love and Light

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