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this is my first time posting here, and I'm still a little freaked out by what happened so please excuse the coherence of my story.

It all happened a few days ago when I was searching the net and I found this webpage. I found a story entitled warning which was about the 2012 dimensional shift. What intrigued me most was the mention of guides. I have heard of them before but for some reason I was more interested in them than usual, so I thought maybe I should try contact mine. I sat down, formed a shield around myself and started to meditate. The first encounter with my guides was strange, I didn't know their names, couldn't really see them, and there was more than one. I wasn't sure if it was them or not because there was more than one but they all had a comforting effect on me so I accepted that I had three. So anyway, I was sitting down and talking to them (or at least, trying to, they were very cryptic in their replies, giving one word answers and such) when I asked them what the 2012 shift meant. They seemed to stop talking then but I bugged them and I got flashes of the words fire and cleansing. I kind of dismissed this as my imagination as id read something similar on this site under the article entitled Warning.

What freaked me out though was that I suddenly got the shivers, something that doesn't normally happen to me, and as I looked in my room I suddenly saw an entity sstanding at the foot of my bed. What freaked me out about this was that yes, I have been able to sense pressences before, but this one I could almost see. I asked it what its name was but it wouldn't talk to me, it just seemed to be moving closer to my bed, so I asked my guides. They seemed a little frantic if I remeber correctly and I got a brief flash of the word seraphim. I didn't know what this entity was so I expanded my shield just enough to push it out the room.

Strange thing was that when I googled the name seraphim, it came out as a six winged angel of fire and I seem to remember there being something about purification, but I'm not sure about the details (it was on wikipedia if you want to know the details)

I took all of this for sort of coincedence (im still a bit of a skeptic and don't know if I'm half crazy most of the time =P) until last night, when I was speaking to my landlord and he told me that a house burnt down two houses away from mine on that night. No one was hurt luckily but at the same time, no one knows what caused the fire. Could this all be a coincedence? Or something more?

Also, on the same night, I felt another female entity in the room who came across as hecate, I don't know if her intentions were good or bad, but it freaked me out so I asked her to leave. She wouldn't and I was tired so I just built my shield up around myself, and left my lights and music playing. The strange thing though is that when I woke up my lights were off and my music had been paused. I live alone so there's no one else who could have put it off, and I have never sleep walked in my life before. What could all this mean?

Apologies for the length of the message but I'm pretty confused right now and that's as much detail as I could bare to leave out.

Any comments would be appreciated



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scaleblade (2 stories) (25 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-07)
You are most definitely not crazy! 😆
I have been getting the same sort of things from my guide for over a year and a half now. Lots of fire, smoke, disease, and death.

I saw the movie '2012' and although it was pretty much the corniest thing I have ever seen, the parts where it shows the destruction and all that practically made me cry because it is so close to what I've seen and been told.

I definitely feel that something significant is coming in the near future and it frightens me. 😢
Dagr (9 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-16)
You seem to push out a lot of potentially interesting entities! Well I guess you can never be too safe, but don't be afraid to let them bring forth their message first and then see. That is really amazing regarding Seraphim and the related fire coincidences/happenings.

If any of you are interested in conversing sometime my email is [at]

I'd like to network with like-minded individuals.

Angel of fire

God of day

Spread your wings

Let us pray
Dagr (9 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-15)
That is a very interesting story. I get similarly cryptic messages through automatic writing, but they are more poetic. Not vague but not entirely precise. I think that your guides want to provide you assistance without giving you all the answers so you are given the challenge/opportunity to learn.
zephyrsong (2 stories) (17 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-15)
Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback! I'm still not sure about what these things mean, but there have been a few new developments. One is that since then, on a couple of occasions, whenever I light up a cigsrette, a small flame appears on the end of it, something that I have never heard of happening before but something that could just be a coincedence I guess. The others are a little stranger. I don't want to go into too much detail but they both relate to fire.

Sarah12375: I don't know what the meaning could be, but I could guess that with 2012 coming, more and more people are being "awakened" for lack of a better word and are discovering their abilities.

Mystery: Thanks for the post and I'm keen too hear if anything develops

Buriberi: Hahaha, I'm not worried about 2012, I personally view it as a time of mass spiritual awakening in the world, wherein people will rely less and less on materiality and will start to see the benefits of spirituality. As for the mayans, I'm not sure about their "affinity" for the numbers 2, 1, and 0, but I do know that they have accurately predicted many other events in history. Whether you believe their predictions is a personal thing I guess... I do:)
Buruberi (2 stories) (39 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-13)
I wouldn't be worried about 2012 - Maybe we'll have drunken kids take over the government. But all of the 'warnings' about 2012 - First off, the Mayans for some reason had an affinity with the numbers zero, one, and two. So they decided to stop at 2012, and we could enter some astral thing that could be cool. Next, Pole shift? Takes 5,000 years to complete. Last, WWIII, possible, yet, unlikely. That is all.

Laura Alice

Afterword by my little sister, Ariana: I'm not too worried about 2012. My brother, however, is. If we die, we die. We all have to die sometime!
mystery (1 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-13)
I don't know how to help you yet, but I'm receiving a strong feeling from my guts that I might have something to do with a story like this in the near future. My feelings aren't always true, but I'll keep you posted if anything does happen. I pray that you will find out more about whatever your guides are trying to tell you, and that you'll remain safe doing it. Good luck, and best wishes!
XtjrX (7 stories) (300 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-13)
What a coincidence:D I just found my guide. It's ariol/uriel (there are many spellings). But it (not he not she) gives me complex symbols to decypher. I understand that it is a profound and rare blessing to have a being so close to the divine spirit as a guide or protector. But yeah, they 4eraphim or cherubim don't talk much. They aren't hu Lol
sarah12375 (6 stories) (106 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-13)
You are not crazy!:)
I think it's not a coincidence, everything we do here on earth is for a reason! I think it's great you're able to talk to your guides, and like me you are clairvoyant. When ever you meditate you can try to write down all the words that pass through your mind, and see if it makes a sentence or something. You are not alone. I'm intrigued about the 2012 thing because that's the year I'm graduating, and all my psychic abilities started when I began high school 2 years ago, do you think it could mean anything?

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