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Am I Psychic?


So I am terribly excited but some parts of me still thinks I am making it all up.

I was trying so hard to believe I was psychic with some medium abilities and looking so hard for answers, but after awhile when I didn't focus so hard on it or as much I started noticing it more.

Yesterday I did my first official reading with trying to connect to the other side. Although it was not the person my aunt wanted to hear from I ended up getting the impression somebody was communicating with me.

I still was not sure if it was wishful thinking or legit because I didn't see anything vividly, it was just impressions of objects, shapes or scenery that would pop into my mind like a passing thought.

My aunt asked very vague, non descriptive yes or no answer question and all of a sudden I kept thinking about a table. When I said table she nodded her head and said that the plant flew off the table, which took me by surprise because I thought It was very weird and random.

She also asked if she was at home and I got a motioned impression of an open area, slightly hilly/ uneven, green surrounded by trees and I saw the motion moving left.

Apparently the person who I was communicating used to live on top of a hill on the left side of an island.

I also saw an impression of a blue butterfly and then learned that they had a tattoo of a blue butterfly.

While I was doing it my throat got really dry and hoarse so I had to keep drinking water

This is incredible. So what exactly does this mean? I am so excited.


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