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Death In The Neighborhood


Ever since my aunt had been diagnosed with cancer nearing the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 a negative energy had taken up the entire area she lived in.

The energy would literally hit me while I was driving, as soon as I was getting close to the street she lived. It would literally cause my heart to stop for a second.

As soon as this feeling hit me every time I knew when I arrived people would tell me bad news.

I was afraid of going home (my parents live pretty much next to my aunt) because this feeling/energy was so strong and oppressing it felt difficult to breath.

I am not the only one that felt it.

My mother felt it too.

On a particular bleak day when I was visiting my parents my cousin came running over crying, my aunt had decided to go for euthanasia since the doctors gave up on her and whatever she tried she was only getting worse and she refused to just wait and die one day for her children or husband to find her having choked to death.

So the day came that my aunt would leave us. I have never felt so much pain and sadness and anger in one room before it was so overwhelming together with the strong negative energy that was already hanging around it was almost unbearable.

When the doctor was busy confirming if my aunt had indeed passed on after the whole procedure, the big bad overwhelming negative energy that had been hanging around started...ascending, like it was lifted... And the energy it gave off was so strong I would've fallen down/passed out had I not had someone holding me up by the waist. But when I turned to look no one was there.

Could the negative energy been Death?

Ever since this experience I have noticed that everything around me vibrates.

Was that experience perhaps my awakening?

I've never noticed vibrations before although I have been seeing colorless "auras" for a while.

I really wonder what it could be.

I haven't been feeling myself since then and I can't stop thinking about it, so I finally decided to talk and hopefully become a bit wiser.

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Dreamlike (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-12-02)
I would really like to hear opinions about this...

I just really don't know how to handle these things...

Today it was confirmed my feelings/intuition about a certain person were right again... Unfortunately I only ever get negative "information".

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