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Things I Vision Happens Even Death


This happens to me a lot. Earlier this year my bestfriend and her husband is having a hard time having a baby. So as a gift to her on her birthday, I gave her a maternity dress and said that I know that she'd be pregnant before this year ends. And she found out she's pregnant of 4weeks last month.

And also I had two people who is dear to me in a separate occasion. They we're not very illed however theyre started coming in and out of the hospital. I was very sad to see them getting weak and ill. So the night before they're death I pray in my heart that I don't want these people suffer too much with their sickness so if they're time is close, make it sooner so it won't be difficult for them. The following day these people die in a separate occasion.

I could also vision people in their future and my future too. Everything that I imagine that would happen in my life when I was very young happened.

I don't know and I can't explain these things either. For how I see it it something like a will power. Just like what I've read in the bible that if you say that the mountain will move aside. It will move, if you have faith that it will. For how I see it, it's also something like that. However I dreamt about these three angels and explained to me that my purpose here is to guide people so I could get my wings back. Angels said that humans needs me here. And also she said that God sent a lot of someone like me to guide humans. And she said that I was in hell before however God saw me praying in hell so he saved me and brought me here so that I could get my wings back.

And also 80% chances of the time whenever i'm listening on a radio I could predict the next song will be played or if it will going to play a little bit later. There are times when i'm singing on my mind then the person right beside me will start singing on where I actually stop.

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