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Theres Something Strange In The Neighborhood


My name's Rachel and I'm 14 years old. I can see ghosts and am pyrokinetic and (mostly) love having these gifts. This story is about the ghosts, though, and not the pyrokinesis. I saw my first ghost when I was really little. I was walking to my moms room after a bad dream and there was a woman sitting in her windowsill. She talked to me in my moms voice and started leading me to her closet. Right when I was about to walk in the closet my mom woke up and found me. After a few years I saw two other ghosts, my dead dog and a Hispanic man walking towards me in my house. I was in 6th grade and I freaked out. The Hispanic man stopped hanging around but my dog was always there. But, when Boomer (my dead dog) stopped showing up in the beginning of 7th grade, the man came back. He sat in my room almost everyday and just watched me.

He became normal for me to see and barely did anything until one day, I was home alone and heard one of my doors open and close and a tune that my brother always whistles when he gets home. Another door opened and closed and the whistling continued. My brother wasn't supposed to be home for a while so I went to say hello. I opened the door and the whistling stopped and there was no one there. I closed the door and went to my kitchen as the whistling continued. It stopped suddenly and the man was walking in my backyard. He stopped showing up for a while after that, but would constantly turn on all the fans in my house at once.

When I was in 8th grade, I moved to a different house across town. I didn't see anything for a while, but for a couple months now, I have been having the feeling there's a ghost nearby (for me it feels like somebody grabbed a hold of my stomach and twisted it into a knot, making me feel a little sick). The past few weeks I have been seeing glances of a woman that stands near my brothers room always with her back to me. And, two days ago, I saw just the feet of a dog walk into my kitchen and the day after my mom said she felt the spirit of Boomer in her room.

It scares be that my gift might be disappearing because it took me a really long time to finally be able to just see the glances of the woman and I couldn't see all of my dog. Does anyone know why my gift might be dimming, or why the woman refuses to show me her face in the glances? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks much.

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raybabay13 (4 stories) (37 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-22)
thank you two very much. I havnt seen the woman for a really long time. And now, my ability has exploded out of my control, and I am constantly hearing and seeing them. So that means that everything didn't dissapear! Yay!but, ironically, it is too much now!
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-11)
To increase your psychic ability, simply use it more and it will naturally increase, or ask your Guides for help developing it. Also read my other posts on this subject. If you cannot find it then post on my own story to request me to re-post that post you want and I would be happy to do so for you.

When a ghost or spirit appears to you it is most often their own way of trying to contact you for help. They can be very limited on how and when to appear. Each one will differ so to help them you need to analyze the best way to communicate with them. For example, the male ghost who watched you comb your hair and would follow you to school. Simply speak outloud to him as he is with you and ask him his name, where he lives, and what you can do to help him. He will then find ways to get his answers to you. If a ghost becomes troublesome to you then ask your Guides for protection (read my other posts on that subject).

This is in reply to the question you posted on my own story.

Oracle101, Psychic and Medium for 43 years

Always happy to help others.

For more advice on this subject and others click on my profile name to read my stories and other posts.

If you want advice from me please post your own story then post a short request on mine asking for advice. I will then post my reply on your own story page.
HaruNoTsuki (guest)
13 years ago (2010-08-05)
i don't know why the woman doesn't show her face, or why your abilities are fading like you say. Though to me it doesn't sound like your abilities are fading, just that some spirits avoid you for a reason. I heard meditating helps control and increase your abilities. Try that, it may work. I hope I helped a little bit! Good luck!

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