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Peaceful Goodbyes


7 years ago my uncle Donny was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

6 Months ago I started to really understand that I have a gift.

1 month ago I moved home to start college and be closer to my family.

I submitted a story a few months ago asking for help, wanting to know what exactly was going on with me. Until recently, I thought the extent of my gift was dreaming of future events, and seeing spirits, oh how wrong I was.

When I first moved back home, I knew that things with my uncle had been progressively been getting worse. He was retaining fluid and losing muscle mass from not being able to move about. 2 days after I was settled my family made the decision to take him to the hospital, he stayed there for about 2 weeks, moaning every now and then that he did not want to "die in this god damn hospital."

My family and I took turns staying with him in the hospital. Then at night it was my turn. I got settled into the recliner next to him and started to drift off. Suddenly he throws his arms up, which startled me, and he looked at me and said "Mary and Joseph haven't had the baby yet." I was so confused, "What do you mean uncle Donny?" I said to him and he just looked at me and said "Brittany, I don't want to die in this god dam hospital."

After 2 and a half weeks the decision was made to bring him home. We all knew why. He was settled into my Mae Mae's old room and the wait was on. I have litterally spent every moment in that house. I have no problem spending the last few days with my uncle that I can, the hours is just very full. Full of people and spirits. When every I walk in I am immeadtly bombarded.

I can hear them. I have never been able to hear them. When I go to sleep, I they talk to me "Tell granny to rub his feet, he likes that", "Turn down the AC he's cold." they speak for him because right now, he can't. Everyone thinks that I am crazy because I'm making the demands, and they ask me why and all I can say is, "Thats what Donny wants."

My mother called yesterday and told me that when she thinks of my uncle she sees the beach, two boys walking in front of her laughing and playing and feels the warm sun.

My mom has really opened up to me. She knows what I am going through because she went through the same thing. She has refined her ability, what she does is amazing. To think, my mother and I can do the same thing as John Edwards, it amazes me.

However, the main reason why I am trying to submit this story is to ask 2 questions

1. I have lit a white unscented candle, in hopes that it would help ease my uncles transition. He's having a very hard time letting go, the doctors are amazed that he is still alive. Is there anything else I can do to help him know that it is ok to pass? I know that I am here to help him, I can feel his body wanting to let go but he won't stop fighting.

2. How do I turn down the volume on all of this chatter I can hear? My mother says, "You just need to learn to tune it out", nothing for nothing but that's no help really because I don't know how to.

Any help on either subject would be greatly appreciated.

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mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-23)
Sorry to hear about your uncle. Is your uncle worried about leaving anyone in particular or is his fight because he fears death? Trying not to be so blunt. If he is worried about something or someone, that person needs to let him know it's okay to go and they will be fine. If fear is the cause talk to him. Let him know that loved ones are waiting for him and he will not go alone. You can also let him know his guardian angels are with him right now as you speak and the entire time they have been telling you what he needs to ease his pain and mind. He needs to know he's not going alone. I think some people have the fear of dying and moving on alone. Remind him of other loved ones you know will be waiting for him. Do a lot of talking, he hears you even though he can't speak.
As far as shutting things off and on, meditation may help with that. I can't help much beyond this because I'm still working on things myself. Meditation does help with keeping more focused as well as other things. There is a way to turn the on/off switch also.
YVE72 (5 stories) (212 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-23)
Sorry to hear about your uncle. My advice is to tell him that is okay to go to the light. This seems to help. My bedridden grandmother hung on for YEARS until my aunt told her it was okay for her to go.

As far as the chatter, I'd leave it be for now since they are communicating for him. It might be annoying but they might have something really important to convey when you least expect it.

Peace & blessings.

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